Notes on William Starcher

William Starcher was a son of Adam Starcher. The William Starcher under consideration here should not be confused with William Brannon "Billy" Starcher, the son of Daniel Starcher, nor should he be confused with William Thomas "Bluehead" Starcher, a brother of Adam Starcher.

Adam Starcher, a son of Philip and Rebecca (Mace) Starcher, was born in Harrison County VA (WV) December 25, 1808 and died in Calhoun County WV February 8, 1881. He married Phoebe Coger August 28, 1828 in Kanawha County VA (now Calhoun County, WV). Phoebe, a daughter of Peter and Mary (McElwain) Coger, was born in Franklin County VA January 6, 1814 and died February 13, 1899.

Children of Adam and Phoebe (Coger) Starcher.

119. (1). Sarah "Sally" b.c. 1830
         m.Asa Hamrick

120. (2). Thomas b.c. 1832

121. (3). Jacob P. b.c. 1834
         m.Minerva Stallman
         m.Margaret Cogar

122. (4). William b.c. 1836 d.Jan 2 1866

123. (5). Henry b. 1839 d. 1915
         m.Elizabeth Slider
         m.Matilda Greathouse

124. (6). Peter Simon b.c. 1843 d. 1896
         m.Sarah Wilson Oct 4 1866
(Note: Death certificate AT THIS LINK documents the death in Webster County WV September 12, 1896 of Peter Starcher, born 1843, son of Adam and Phebe Starcher, death reported by Amos Starcher his son).
125. (7). John Jehu b.Sep 20 1845 d.Aug 14 1874
         m.Susanna Kirby Jun 15 1868

126. (8). Mary "Polly" b. 1849
         M.John Bailey Jul 9 1871

127. (9). Elizabeth "Betty" b.Mar 8 1850 d.Nov 14 1902
         m.George William Gibson Aug 17 1865

From the death certificate of his son Jehue Junior Starcher, it is known that William Starcher was married to Malissa (Melissa) Booher. Melissa Booher was a daugher of Jacob and Nancy Booher.

Jacob Booher, a son of Peter and Elizabeth (Kinser) Booher, was born in 1814 and died in 1888. He married Nancy McCune in 1833. Nancy, a daughter of Peter and Christina (O'Brien) McCune, was born April 13, 1817 and died October 13, 1899.

Children of Jacob and Nancy (McCune) Booher.

8. (1). Peter b.Oct 1835
       m.Catharine -------
       m.Mary A. -----

9. (2). Jemima b.Nov 10 1839 d.Mar 8 1921
       m.Reason Smith Dec 17 1857

10. (3). Asenath b. 1842 d.May 24 1927
       m.William Zinn Norman Sep 22 1860

11. (4). Malissa b. 1844 d. 1924
       m.------ Tanner

12. (5). Margaret b. 1848 d. 1898
       m.Isaac Starcher Mar 10 1866
       Isaac Starcher, a son of Abraham Starcher, grandson of Philip Starcher

13. (6). Martha b. 1853 d. 1899
       m.------- Corbett

14. (7). John J. b. 1855 d. 1939
       m.Sarah Starcher May 5 1874
       Sarah Starcher, daughter of Abraham Starcher, grand-daughter of Philip Starcher

15. (8). Victoria

His date of death is widely given as 1/2/1866. This writer has not yet discovered the documentation for this date, other than a listing of graves at the Gibson Cemetery in Calhoun County WV, a William Starcher buried next to (presumably) parents Adam and Phoebe Starcher:
Phoebe Starcher - 6 Jan 1814 - 13 Feb 1899
Adam Starcher - 25 Dec 1808 - 8 Feb 1881
Jahue Starcher - 20 Sep 1845 - 14 Aug 1874
William Starcher - 1836 - 2 Jan 1866
Jehu Starcher, Jr. - 1 Jan 1863 - 12 Feb 1935

NOTE: Two Jehu Starchers. The older is the son of Adam Starcher. The younger, often referred to as Jehue Junior Starcher, sometimes as John Jehue Starcher, is the son of William Starcher.
The image of a marriage record below indicates that his wife Malissa Starcher, the daughter of Jacob and Nancy Booher, remarried to a William Tanner 9/22/1867. Bride and groom were noted to be widowed:

Note that many of the old documents spell the name Malissa or Melissa with a large script flourish in the middle which looks like a "p" or "f." This is understood to be the "german s" - german script substituted for "ss."

This family of Malissa Tanner appears in the 1880 Federal Census, Calhoun County WV Lee District:

1880 Federal Census, Lee District, Calhoun County WV

Of note, this record indicates Malissa as the head of the household, divorced, and lists children John (Jehu?) age 17, Luverna daughter age 14, and Lenora daughter age 10. Of further note are the names of nearby people, family members of Malissa:
Peter and Mary Booher and family - brother and sister-in-law
Jacob and Nancy Booher (ages 65 and 63) - parents
John and Sarah Booher (ages 25 and 22) - brother and sister-in-law
Asenith Norman, head of household - sister

Birth records at the West Virginia archives at this link document the birth of Loverna Starcher 4/1/1866 to William Starcher. The mother's name is truncated, but appears to be Ma...

A marriage record at this link documents the marriage of Laverna Starcher, the daughter of William and Malissa Starcher to Reuben Nichols, 7/31/1884.

A marriage record at this link documents the marriage of Jehue Starcher, age 29, son of Wm Starcher, to R.E. Little, age 24, daughter of Wm Little, March 23, 1893. Jehue Starcher's first name often appears as Jahue, Jahew, and sometimes as J.J. Starcher, John Starcher, or J. Hue Starcher.

A portrait of Jehu Starcher is available at the HurHerald AT THIS LINK

The 1900 Federal Census shows Malissa Tanner now living alone listed as the head of the houshold, age 57, occupation givin as merchant.

Son Jehu lives next door with wife Rebecca and daughter Lessel M born 3/3/1891, daugter Addie M. born 2/8/1894, son William (Everett) born 3/11/1896, daughter Lenora (Lee) born 5/2/1898, and son Harley R. born 1/18/1900.

A birth record at the West Virginia Archive at this link documents the birth 5/2/1898 of Linora Starcher to Rebecca Little Starcher and J.J. Starcher, birth reported by Malissa Tanner. The birth record of Lessell Maude Starcher is found at this link. The birth record of Addie Myrtle Starcher is found at this link. The birth record of Charles C. Starcher is found at this link. The birth record of Harley R. Starcher is found at this link.

1900 Federal Census, Lee district, Calhoun County WV

Of note, they live next door to T.J. Starcher and family.

The 1910 Federal census now shows Malissie Tanner, head of houshold, age 67, occupation listed as general store, 6 children, 3 living, widow. Living in her household are Lenora Cline, daughter, age 41, married for 22 years, no children; and grandson Ferrell Starcher, age 7.

Living next door is the family of T.J. Starcher, and next comes the family of Jahew Starcher, age 47, living with son Everett age 18 (?), daughter Lee age 11, son Harley R. age 9, and son charley age 5. Wife Rebecca Little Starcher does not appear with the family in this or any subsequent census reports. This census lists Jahew Starcher's marital status as wd (widow).

Cemetery records for the Gibson Cemetery in Calhoun County WV indicate...
William Starcher - 1836 - 2 Jan 1866
Jehu Starcher, Jr. - 1 Jan 1863 - 12 Feb 1935
Rebecca B. Starcher - 2 Oct 1868 - 17 Mar 1908
Ivan Delbert Starcher - 22 Sep 1906 - 17 Feb 1908

Birth records at the West Virginia archive at this link documents the birth 10/27/1904 of Charles C. Starcher to J.J. and Rebecca Starcher, Daniels Run. Also, a birth record at the West Virginia archive AT THIS LINK documents the birth 5/17/1902 of James Ferrell Starcher to Rebecca Bell Little Starcher, Daniels Run, and John Starcher. Reported by Melissa J. Tanner.

1910 Federal Census, Lee District, Calhoun County WV

The 1920 Federal census shows Malissa Tanner, age 77, living in Barberton Ohio in the household of son-in-law L.L. Rood (? Root, Reed?), with the Lenora, wife of the head, age 50, and one Ada Perkins, age 23, listed as "servant." Ohio death records document the death on 2/26/1924 of Melissa Tanner, Summit County Ohio.

1920 Federal Census, Barberton, Summit County, Ohio

In Calhoun County, the 1920 Federal census for Lee District Calhoun County WV shows Jahue Starcher, age 56 head of the household with daughter Lenora age 21, son Harley R age 20, son Farrell J. age 17, son Charles L age 15, granddaughter Burnise age 1, and son William E. age 24. They live next door to the family of Allen B. Starcher.

Birth records at the West Virginia archive document the birth 9/16/1918 of Daisy Bernice Starcher to Lenora Starcher of Daniels Run. No father's name is given.

1920 Federal Census, Lee District, Calhoun County WV

The 1920 Federal census for Summit Co. Ohio, Barberton Ward 3 shows Russel Starcher, age 26 head of household, living with wife Addie, age 25. There are two borders living in that household, Mace R. (Rufus Mace, husband of Maude Mace, Addie's brother in law, and Everett Starcher, age 23, Addie's brother ?). This listing is 6 households away from the listing for the household of Homer McCune, which at that time included Roy Starcher and Mina Workman.

The 1930 census for Barberton dist 163, 23rd Street SW, includes P Adda Starcher, age 37, married at age 21, living with husband R.P. Starcher and niece Pauline Starcher age 4. An adjacent listing shows Harley Starcher, age 29, married at age 23, with wife Ullainie Starcher, age 22, married at at 16.

A death record found at the subscription service indicates death of Addie M. Starcher, born 1894, died May 1, 1967 in Summit County, Barberton Ohio. An item in the Calhoun Chronicle Daniels Run News from July 14, 1960 notes death of "...Russell Starcher of Barberton. He was a brother-in-law of Everett and Lenora Starcher. Funeral services were held at Stoney Point church Thursday and burial was in the Gibson cemetery. His wife, Mrs. Addie Starcher, is spending some time visiting her sister, Lenora Starcher and other relatives here..."

The 1930 Federal census for Lee District Calhoun County WV shows John J. Starcher (Jahue) living in the household of Evert Starcher. Marriage records at this link document the marriage on 6/3/1927 of Everett Starcher, age 29, son of Jehue Starcher, to Eva Lynch, age 21, daughter of S.F. and Julia Lynch. Evert Starcher is listed as the head; Lenora, age 32, single; Father John J., age 67, widowed; niece Burnise age 11; nephew Junior age 7; son Harold age 2 5/12.

A marriage record at this link documents the marriage 10/4/1925 of Ferrell Starcher, age 23, son of Jahue and Rebecca Starcher, to Edna Craddock age 19, daughter of David and Letha Craddock.

A marriage record reproduced here documents the marriage November 29, 1924 of Harley Starcher, son of J. Hue Starcher and Rebecca Little, to Ullainee Mace, age 16, daughter of Homer Mace and Maggie Leach Mace, in Summit County Ohio.

The identity of "Junior, nephew age 7" is not known with certainty, but may be the son of Lenora Starcher, Dennis Hays Starcher, born 10/8/1923.

1930 Federal Census, Lee District, Calhoun County WV

In addition, the 1930 census indicates Ferrell Starcher age 26, head of the household, with wife Edna age 23 and son Donald age 3 3/12.

1930 Federal census, Lee District, Calhoun County WV

Obituary from "The Calhoun Chronicle"


Doyle G. Starcher, 59, of Mt. Zion died Sunday, Feb. 8, 1998, in Veterans Administration Hospital, Clarksburg, following a long illness.

He was born in Altizer, a son of the late Everett and Eva Lynch Starcher. He was a driller in the oil and gas production industry and was a U.S. Air Force veteran.

Surviving are one daughter, Tracy Lynn Starcher, address unknown; one sister, Rebecca Hardway of Duck; and one brother, Charles Starcher of Sandyville.

Services were held at Stump Funeral Home, Arnoldsburg, with Rev. Benjamin Kerby officiating. Burial was in Gibson Cemetery, Arnoldsburg.

Obituary from "The Calhoun Chronicle"


Russell Dale Starcher, 75, of Millstone, died Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011, at home.

He was born in Calhoun County, the son of the late Lenora Starcher.

He was a retired chemical truck driver and a Baptist. Surviving are one daughter, Debra Allman, with whom he made his home; one son, Dale Allman of Mansfield, Ohio; nine grandchildren,Desiree, Daniel,Joey, Destinee, Nikki, Chay, Kenny, Jason and Crystal; and several great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by one daughter, Shelia Allman.

Per his request, the body was cremated. Memorial benefit dinner will be held Sunday, 1 to 3 p.m., at ArnoldsburgCommunity Building.

Taylor-Vandale Funeral Home, Spencer, is in charge of arrangements.


Geraldine Faye Wilson, 64, of Pennsboro, died Saturday, Aug. 14, 2004.

She was born at Millstone, the daughter of the late Samuel Clyde and Lenora Mae Starcher Kelley. She was a homemaker.

Surviving are her husband of 39 years, Frank Wilson, Jr.; two sons, Michael Dean Hersman of Spencer and Bradley Dale Wilson of Prosperity; one daughter, Sherri Honaker and husband Rufus Honaker, Jr., of Mt. Zion; one brother, Russell Dale Starcher of Millstone; and four grandchildren, Alex Hersman, Malissa Wilson, Courtney Honaker and Dylan Honaker.

She was preceded in death by two sisters and two brothers.

Services were held at Stump Funeral Home, Arnoldsburg, with Rev. Roger Carter officiating. Burial was in Bailey Cemetery, near Minnora.

Marriage documents for Helen Gwen Starcher AT THIS LINK.

Maude Mace

...69 years, of 1317 Wooster rd. W, passed away May 21. survived by husband, Rufe; daughter, Mrs. Daisy Ilg, Tallmadge; sons, Howard, Texas, Cecil, Georgia, Russell and Karl, Barberton; 20 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; brothers, Harley Starcher, Doylestown, Ferrell Starcher, Akron, Everett Starcher, Altizer, W. Va., Cecil Starcher, Texas; sisters Addie Starcher, Barberton, Lenora Starcher, Millstone W. Va. Friends may call after 7 p.m. Monday at the Biggs Funeral Home, 1343 Wooster rd. W., where services will be held 8 p. m. Tuesday, Rev. L. Pribble officiating. Further services 2 p.m. Wednesday in Stony Point Church, Altizer, W. Va. Interment Gibson Cemetery.

From this information, a selected family tree of William Starcher is offered AT THIS LINK.

Harley Starcher, son of Jahue Starcher, second cousin of Allen B. Starcher

From a scrapbook kept by Viola Starcher Cogar.

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