Notes on William O. Norman

William O. Norman was born around 1863, the son of Aseneth Norman and William Zinn Norman.

W.O. Norman is believed to have been single and lived with his mother Aseneth all his life, and died in 1921.

From the Booher page which is found AT THIS LINK, on the website Don Norman's Family Files:
Asenath Booher, a daughter of Jacob and Nancy (McCune) Booher, was born in Ritchie County Va 1842 and died May 24, 1927.

She married William Zinn Norman in Calhoun County VA (WV) September 22, 1860.

William, a son of James Nedley and Catherine (Summers) Norman, was born in VA about 1839 and died before 1870.

Asenath was apparently pregnant when she was married. Her first child, Thomas Jackson Starcher, was born in December 1860. His father was Thomas Starcher, a son of Adam and Phoebe (Coger) Starcher. Thomas was born about 1832 and is believed to have died in the Civil War after June 17, 1864.

Asenath was listed as a widow in the 1870 Calhoun County WV census. She had three children living with her. She apparently had two more children.

Child of Thomas Starcher and Azenith Booher.

       22. (1). Thomas Jackson Starcher b.Dec 1860
       m. Mary E. Smith Feb 8 1880

Children of William Zinn and Asenith (Booher) Norman.

       23. (1). William O. Norman b.c. 1863

Other children of Asenath (booher) Norman.

       24. (1). Charles B. Rogers b.c. 1867

       25. (2). Hannibal Maffett b.Jan 1871
       m. Jennie -----

       26. (3). Clara Elizabeth Norman b.Feb 6 1876 d.Aug 17 1953
       m. Thomas Alexander Hopkins Nov 22 1903

The 1870 Calhoun County West Virginia Census is online at the Calhoun County West Virginia GenWeb site maintained by Linda Fluharty. Acenith is listed as living with three children:
Acenith...29...Keeping House...$100...VA
Thomas J...9...VA
William O...7...VA
Charles B...3...WV

The entry from the 1880 census is as follows:
ASENITH(?), L013 Norman...w...WF...38...Keeping House...VA...VA...VA Jackson...m...WM...19...Son...Wrks on Farm...VA...VA...VA Mary E...m...WF...17...Dil...VA...VA...VA William O...WM...15...Son...VA...VA...VA Charles D...WM...13...Son...WV...VA...VA Hanibal...WM...8...Son...WV...VA...VA Claryse...WF...4...Dau...WV...VA...VA

The 1900 Calhoun County Census, Lee District, #23, lists...
NORMAN, 53-55
Seneth...Head...WF...Jun 1841...58...Widow...5/5...Farmer...WV WV WV
William O...Son...WM...Jun 1863...36...Farm Laborer...WV WV WV
Clarissa...Dau...WF...Feb 1876...24...WV WV WV
Addie...Gr-dau...WF...Mar 1894...6...WV WV WV
The 1910 Federal Census, Lee District Calhoun County indicates...
Asenath Norman head age 68
Oliver Norman age 47 single

The 1920 Federal Census, Lee District Calhoun County indicates...
Acinisth Norman head age 79
William O son age 56 single

Reprinted from the HurHerald
Man Perishes in Home Fire in 1921
Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 3/10/1921.

Man Consumed in Flames
Oliver Norman, aged 57, was burned to death in flames which consumed his home on Daniels Run Thursday about noon. Mr. Norman lived with his mother, Mrs. Asenath Norman, who was absent from home at the time of the catastrophe. It is not known how the fire originated, but some of the neighbors saw the unfortunate man carrying in wood a short time before the accident happened and it is presumed that he built up a large fire in the living room and then went into the kitchen to prepare his noon meal. It is thought that the fire in the living room popped out and started the conflagration and that it had gotten under great headway before the attention of Mr. Norman was attracted to it. It is presumed that he rushed into the living room to save some money and valuables which were kept in the sewing machine drawer. His body was found in the living room near the machine, which lends grounds for the above beliefs. The accident was one of the most shocking that has happened in that neighborhood for some time and cast a pall of gloom over the community.

The unfortunate man was burned in the most shocking manner when help arrived and was beyond all mortal aid. His remains were gathered up and interred in the Mt. Zion cemetery the next day. The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the heartbroken mother who is left alone and destitute, she being an aged lady of nearly eighty years.

A listing of names of those buried at the Mt Zion Cemetery at the Mt Zion Methodist Church, Mt Zion WV, can be found AT THIS LINK, and includes...
W. O. Norman - 1 Jun 1863 - 10 Mar 1921
Thomas J. Starcher - 31 Dec 1860 - 6 Oct 1913
Vianis Starcher - 3 Oct 1902 - 19 Oct 1902
Vitalis Starcher - 3 Oct 1902 - 19 Oct 1902
Minnie Starcher - 11 Mar 1884 - 7 Oct 1895 

Noted in passing: His name is adjacent to names of Thomas J., Vianis, etc. on this list of gravestones. Presumably the names listed on this page are in some kind of order reflecting how the graves are arranged. William O. Norman was the half-brother of Thomas J. Starcher.


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