A Conversation with Victor Starcher

Victor Starcher was the son of Allen B. and Icie Starcher. In 1992, Victor sat for this interview at his home in Sistersville WV. The occasion was a social studies fair project by his great-nephew, Nathan Miller.

This video is valuable as a confirmation of the Allen Starcher line going back through Thomas Starcher the son of Adam Starcher. Thomas Starcher's marriage to "Grandma Seneth" is noted, and Thomas Starcher's demise in the Civil War is described.

This interview also confirms that Icie Duvall was the only child of John Duvall and Bertie Everson Duvall. Also of note, mention is made of five daughters born to Bertie Everson Duvall Price and William Price.

Part One - The Ice and Everson Family

Part Two - Philip Starcher to Allen Starcher

Part Three - Moccasin Rangers, George Gibson
Part Four - More Civil War, George Gibson

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