Notes on Sarah E. Everson Workman and Jonathan S. "Semore" Workman

There were three daughters of Jonathan S. and Sarah Everson Workman who married sons of Thomas Jackson Starcher, and thus were sisters-in-law of Allen B. Starcher. Namely....
Bessie Workman, married Charley Starcher February 17, 1910
Lovernia R. "Ruth L." Workman, married Fred A. Starcher November 10, 1910
Mina Workman, married Roy F. Starcher April 4, 1920

Not only were these three ladies the sisters-in-law of Allen B. Starcher, they were also first cousins of Icie Mae Duvall, Allen's wife, through Bertie Everson Duvall Price.

The Everson page at Don Norman's Family file indicates:
Thomas Hart Benton Everson was born December 28, 1840 and died in Calhoun County WV March 9, 1909. He married Ruth Ice. Ruth, a daughter of Daniel Ice (Thomas Ice, see Notes on Bertie Everson), was born March 10, 1843.

Children of Thomas Hart Benton and Ruth (Ice) Everson.

2. (1). Melissa b.Jan 15 1878 d.Feb 17 1939
            m. Francis Marion Wilmoth Mar 20 1897

3. (2). John b.Oct 1870
            m. Mary D. --------

4. (3). E. Asa "Ace" b.May 13 1880 d.Jul 30 1901 (Believed to be in error)
            m. Zilla A. -----

5. (4). Gilbert b.Feb 1883

6. (5). Bertie
            m. ------ Price

7. (6). Sarah
            m.------ Workman

8. (7). Thomas Watson
There is a genealogy of Thomas H.B. Everson on the subscription service indicating the parents of T.H.B. Everson to be Eli Everson and Sarah Elizabeth Sally Dunn.

Sarah Everson was born August 19, 1866, the daughter of Thomas Hart Benton Everson and Ruth Ice Everson. She died January 20, 1949.

The 1870 Federal census for Philippi Township, Barbour Co WV, available at the subscription service, includes the following information for the Thomas Everson Family:
Thomas H.B. Everson, age 29, born in Pennsylvania
Ruth Everson, wife, age 27
Sarah E. Everson, age 3
Birdie J. Everson, age 2
The 1880 Federal census for Philippi District, Barbour County WV, available at the subscription service, includes the following listing for the Thomas Everson family:
Thomas B. Everson, age 39
Ruth Everson, age 37, wife
Sarah E. Everson, age 13, daughter
Bertie J. Everson, age 12, daughter
John N. Everson, age 9, son
Thomas W. Everson, age 7, son
Asa E. Everson, age 5, son
Priscilla M. Everson, age 2, daughter
Aquilla A. Everson, age 1/12, son
John Wilmoth, age 21, servant
Marriage records online at the West Virginia Division of Culture and History, Vital Research Records, document AT THIS LINK the marriage of Jonathan C. Workman and Sarah E. Everson on August 19, 1886. Jonathan is listed as age 24, born in Randolph County, the son of Phebe Ann and Joseph Workman. Sarah E. is listed as age 20, born in Barbour County, the daughter of Thomas B.H. and Ruth Everson. An image of this original document in re-formatted form is available AT THIS LINK.

The 1900 Federal census for Center District, Gilmer County West Virginia includes...

John S Workman, born Sept 1863, age 36
Sarah E Workman, born Aug 1866, age 33
Perdilla Workman, born Jun 1886, age 13
Bessie E Workman, born Dec 1888, age 11
Charles F Workman, born Oct 1890, age 9
Lovernia R Workman, born July 1893, age 6
Pheobia C Workman, born Feb 1895, age 5
Mina M Workman, born Feb 1897, age 3 3
Myrtle J Workman, born May 1899, age 1

Oral history indicates that Jonathan Workman was known as Seymour or "Symer." His name in the census records is listed as Jonaton, Jonathan C. or Jonathan S. Workman.

1900 Federal Census, Center District, Gilmer County West Virginia

The 1910 Federal Census for Center District, Gilmer County West Virginia, dated May 4, 1910, includes...

Jonathan Workman, age 46
Sarah E. Workman, age 43
Perilla E. Workman, age 23
Charles F. Workman, age 20
Cleo P. Workman, age 15
Mina M. Workman, age 13
Myrtle J. Workman, age 11
Nellie A. Workman, age 5
Delbert R. Workman (nephew), age 5
Gay Workman (Niece) age 3

Note: This writer has concluded that Perilla E. Workman is the same person as Perdilla, and the same person as Esther P. Workman, later Esther P. McCune. Lovernia R. Workman is the same person as Ruth L. Workman, and Pheobia C. Workman is the same person as Cleo P. Workman. See obituary of Bessie Starcher, below.

Bessie E. Workman married Charley Starcher February 17, 1910, and does not appear with the Workman family in the census dated May 4, 1910.

Lovernia R. (Ruth L.) Workman married Fred R. Starcher November 10, 1910. It is not known why she does not appear in this 1910 census with the Workman family.

Of note, the listing for this Workman family is on the same page in the original census document as that for the young family of Grover and Oe Miller, ages 25 and 23, who had been married 2 years -- indicating they lived close by to Grover and Oe. Grover and Oe were the parents of Corley Miller, who married Delma Justine Starcher.

1910 Federal census, Center District, Gilmer County West Virginia

The 1920 Federal Census for Center District, Gilmer County West Virginia, dated February 13, 1920, includes...

Jonnthon S. Workman, age 56
Sarah E. Workman, age 52
Mina M. Workman, age 22
Myrtle J. Workman, age 20
Nellie A. Workman, age 14
Thomas H.B. Workman, son, age 8

Of note, the family of Charles F Workman, presumably the son of Jonathan and Sarah, age 29, is listed adjacent to this family.

The family of Okey R. and Cleo P. Workman Rogers is listed adjacent.

Also of note is the son named Thomas H.B. Workman. Is this a nod to the father of Sarah E., Thomas H.B. Everson?

By 1920, Perilla E. (Esther P.) Workman had married Homer McCune and was living in Barberton Ohio. Ester and Homer married November 10, 1910, in Gilmer County. Homer was 26, Ester was 21. Homer was noted to be widowed. The marriage of Fred Starcher, age 21, and Ruth Workman, age 17, is listed on the adjacent line on this page in the registry, married the same date by the same minister.

Mina was listed in the 1920 census for both Barberton Ohio, dated January 5, 1920, and Center District, Gilmer County West Virginia dated February 13, 1920. Roy F. Starcher, Mina's future husband, was living in the McCune household in Barberton Ohio as a boarder.

1920 Federal census, Center District Gilmer County West Virginia


1920 Federal census, Barberton, Summit County Ohio

The 1930 Federal Census for Center District, Gilmer County West Virginia includes...

John S. Workman, age 66
Sarah E. Workman, age 63
Nellie A. Workman, age 24
Thomas B. Workman, age 9

1930 Federal census, Center District, Gilmer County West Virginia

There is a Diary of Della Lawson Mace, a resident of the Shock/Rosedale community in Gilmer County. The diary is online at at, cntributed by by Marvin Blaire Wilson of Centerville VA. Della Lawson Mace was an aunt of Mr Wilson. Della kept a diary beginning in 1911 at age 15 1/2, reproduced in several installments at the above named website. Her entries for January 1 to June 10, 1918 include...
March 11, Monday. Cold, frosty morning. I walked from home this morning. Nice sunshiny day. Only three pupils at school this morning. They were Virgie, Ernest and Ethel Collins. Bobby and Bunt were there this afternoon. We played base and marble to-day. Mina Workman had to go and stay with her sister Mrs. Bessie Starcher. She lives in Calhoun Co. someplace. Mina rode up to the schoolhouse steps and knocked on the side of the house. I went out and talked to her a few minutes She gave me a letter she had written me. Her address is Altizer. Her brother Charley Workman fell through a trestle down below Mr. Millers, and someone had to send him home on a horse. Gay’s cow had a nice calf this evening. I am at Lilly’s this evening.

April 7, Sunday, Rainy morning. Well, I just finished my school reports a little while ago. Oh how glad I am! Mother is reading, Sylvia is in the back room. I don’t know what she is doing. Mary came home this morning. Uncle Billy came down a little while this morning. Mother went home with him and stayed for dinner. Sylvia and Mary laid down on the bed and went to sleep. I read a good bit to-day. Also wrote a letter to Mina Workman. Mina is my best girlfriend now days. Rainy day. Aunt Martha came down a little while this evening. Will Frymyer came this evening and stayed till nearly eleven o’clock. He borrowed our lantern as it was raining and very dark out of doors. Oscar Dobbins had to go to Glenville to court last week and hasn’t come home yet. Don’t know what is wrong.

May 13. Sunday. Nice day, only a little cloudy. We all went to the baptizing at Tanner this morning, that is all but Mr. Burnside. We went in a road wagon. I rode on the front seat with Holden. We were together all day. It is about five miles to where we went to the baptizing. We went around by third run and back by Tannersville. I saw my cousin Dave, his wife Zan, his daughters, Maud, Helen, and Mabel and his sons Clay and Howard. Also Clay’s wife, and his grandmother, Aunt Med Yoke. I also saw Clay Hinzman, a fellow I used to go with. There were eighteen baptized to-day. My cousins Mabel & Helen were baptized. Also Blanche and Holden. I held Holden’s hat while he was baptized. I also loaned him my handkerchief. We took our dinner with us to-day and a good dinner it was. Mary isn’t a bit well. I am awfully tired to-night. I wrote a letter to Raymond Conley & one to Mina Workman. We arrived at Glenville about half past six. Holden and I got out and walked into town from down below town a little piece. Mary, Wade, and Ruth also got out and walked also Mr. Spicer. Frank drove the team on in. Robert came up with us. The gas bugs are thick in my room. Well, I must go to bed. The frogs are hollering a whole lot to-night. Makes me lonesome. I hope Holden will come up soon. I do hope I will hear from home real soon.
From June 11, 1918 to March 28, 1919
June 16, Sunday, nice day. Sylvia, Mary and I went to preaching down at the school house this morning. Mr. Riddle preached. Mina and Myrtle Workman, Mrs. Reeder and Ivy stopped and waited for us to get ready to go to meeting and we went down together. There wasn’t very many at meeting. I got a letter from Virgil Miller yesterday. He sent me a lot of Kodak pictures. I think they are real nice. And Oh, Joy! He sent me one of his and Holden Burnside’s pictures. He little knew that my heart would almost stop beating when I saw Holden’s picture and that I would prize it better than any other picture I have. Oh, If he would only write to me. I would be so glad. Mother came home from Lilly’s this evening. Mr. Dobbins came up a while this afternoon. Nora and Jessie Dobbins stopped a while. Oscar Dobbins and Ofey and Howard Barton were here this evening. Oscar and Ofey gave me enough money to get me two links on my friendship necklace. Howard gave me some lovely flowers this evening. Sylvia and Mary went up to Cleo’s to stay all night with Clarence and Victor. Cleo Dalton and Mrs. Perkins went up Steer creek or someplace on a visit. There are no one here but mother, father and I. I am sleepy and am going to bed in a little while. Good night, I wish that dear one I am thinking so much about, were here. I wouldn’t care if I went to bed to-night if he were only here. Mother went up to aunt Tude Carroll’s to-day to get subscribers for the Toledo Blade.

July 25, Thursday, cloudy day. I scrubbed the kitchen this morning. Mrs. Workman, her little son, Bennie, her daughter Mrs. Cleo Rogers, and her two sons, Ray, and Robert were here for dinner. Cleo’s baby, “Bobby”, is the awfullest looking child I ever saw. It’s head came open when it was real young, and it never closed up right, it’s head is larger than a man’s head. The baby is about ten months old. Sylvia is up at aunt Martha’s helping her cook for harvest hands. Papa isn’t well to-day. Mary took his breakfast up to him this morning and mother took his dinner. Mother and I canned one gal. and 1/2 of beets this morning. We got the beets over at Lilly’s, as we only have three beet plants of our own. Oscar Dobbins was here a good while this afternoon. Him and Okey are working in the lampblack factory at Rosedale. Mr. Boone came over after some salt to-day. Uncle Billy was down here three or four times to-day. It is raining now. It is nearly milking time. Has been storming and raining a good bit this evening. I got a letter from my first cousin, Frank Conley, yesterday. He sent me Ray’s address. I want to write him a letter this evening. I never hear from Virgil Miller anymore. I don’t know what is wrong. I don’t care much anyway, for I didn’t like him very well anyway. Well, I will have to go and help milk. good bye for the present, little book of blues.

Sept. 29, Sunday, cool morning. Tressie Nicholas came down this morning to go over to Antony to the children’s day. Mary, Tressie and I went. We went over to Mr. Charley Riddle’s for dinner. They did have their doings till two o’clock in the afternoon. They had a very good program and plenty of candy to treat the crowd. Mina Workman, and Mrs. Workman, Estella Robison & myself passed the candy around to the little children. Then Mrs. Riddle passes the candy around to the grown people. Will Frymyer was with Nora Dobbins to-day. Oscar was with Myrtle Bennett of course Howard was with Lettie, I stopped at Mrs. Workman’s a few min. this evening. I wanted to stay for supper, but Tressie had to go on home so I had to come also. I certainly had a good time to-day. I got a letter from Bayard Friday. I wish he would come down. I expect he will have to go to camp by the first of Oct. I hate for him to have to go, You see he had to register the 12th of this month. I wish the War would close. I wish a whole lot of things that I am afraid will never come true. Well, I am going to ans. my Webster boy’s letter and maybe write some more. So bye, bye, little book of blues. I wish I dared to write my most precious thoughts.
March 29, 1919 to September 28, 1919
June 14, Saturday, cloudy morning. Mother, Mary, and I went over to Mrs. Reeder’s to-day. There were lots of people there. I will write the names after while. You see this is the day we were to take in the quilt squares we have pieced for Mrs. Reeder, and she got for us a fine dinner, chicken, cake, pie, and lots of other good things. We certainly had a fine time. I went down home with Lettie Hewitt and Mrs. Hewitt a few min. this morning. Arthur Criner was there. Well, I will write those names now. Mrs. Hewitt and her daughters Lettie, Ora, Odessa, Wanda, and Opal. Mrs. Esther McCune, and her son and daughter, Russell and Hilda, Mina, Myrtle and Nellie Workman, also Mr. Semore Workman, their father. Mrs. Nan Bennett and her daughter Myrtle. Mrs. Icie Reeder and her daughter Hope. and of course Sylvia, Harley and Baby were there, besides us. Lettie, and Ora, and Odessa Hewitt came home with us to stay all night. We were all going to Tanner to meeting, but it rained and stormed so hard that we didn't get to go. Ofa, and Howard Barton and Oscar Dobbins were at our house to-night. I enjoyed myself fine. I got two letters from Raymond to-day, got his picture in one of them.
July 1, 1920 to March 20, 1921
Aug. 23, Monday, Mother went down to Mrs. Barton's this morning, didn't stay long. Mrs. Workman, her son Bennie, and her daughter, Mrs. Cleo Rogers and her two children, Ray, and Retha, were here to-day. Clarence Conley was here a little while also. Aunt Martha was here a while. She went down to Clarence's this afternoon. May Snodgrass was here a little while this evening.
Sarah E. Everson Workman died January 20, 1949. An image of her death certificate is reproduced AT THIS LINK. She was a charter member of the Church of Christ when worship services were organized at Shock WV.
Sarah and Jonathan "Semore" Workman lived on Anthony's Fork just over the Perkins Ridge from the Boone Hill at the head of Tanner # 4, in Gilmer County.

Luann Miller Conrad, aunt of this writer, regarding Sarah Workman, contributes the following...
I am almost sure I am remembering the right person. I am sure her name was Sarah Workman, although she was one of the people in the community that we called "Mrs Workman." But I think her name was Sarah. To get to where she lived you would need to pass the Shock Church and go up the creek, turn left at the Tanner #4 school house, go up the hill where the Bradys lived, go all the way to the top on Perkins Ridge, and then instead of starting down to Rosedale, you veer to the right and start down the hill unto a place which I think was called Antony (I have never seen the word in writing): the Post office would have been Nicut.

Mrs Workman was a "spry little old lady" and for the first years of my life she rode a horse or walked and came faithfully to church. Later the trip got so long for her that she would start on Saturday and spend the night with someone to break up the trip.

Your Uncle David related this story about her to his congregation in Tempe, Arizona. When he and Bonnie lived at the foot of the Brady Hill, it was a miserable Sunday morning with rain and all and they decided not to go to church. But then he looked out and saw Mrs. Workman plodding along in the rain and he said, "Come on Bonnie. If Mrs Workman can get to church surely we can go with her.

Here following is the obituary of Bessie Starcher, taken from a newspaper clipping from the Calhoun Chronicle, found in a scrapbook maintained by Viola Starcher Cogar (with some annotations by Viola). Bessie was the wife of Charley Starcher. This obituary confirms the identities of Bessie's sisters:

Mrs. Bessie Starcher, 82, a native of Calhoun county, died Saturday, May 15, (1971) in the Barberton, Ohio, City hospital.

Survivors include one son, Willard, of Norton Ohio; three daughters, Mrs. Mary McCumbers of Rariton, N.J., Mrs. Belma Kelley and Mrs. Belva Pointer of Akron; 20 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren; two brothers, Charles and Benjamin Workman of Windham, Ohio; six sisters, Mrs. Ester McCune and Mrs. Ruth Starcher of Barberton, Mrs. Mina Whytsell or Millersburg, Ohio, Mrs. Nellie McCumbers of Windham, Ohio, Mrs. Mrytle Leach of Big Springs, and Mrs. Cleo Rogers of Tanner.

Funeral serices werre held Monday, May 17, in the Canfield-Hickman funeral home in Barberton with the Rev. L.T. Hayes officiating. Additional servises were held Tuesday, May 18, at the Stump funeral home in Grandsville. Burial was in Mt. Zion Cemetery.


Personal communication, Judy Kerns, Shock WV

Personal communitacion, Luann Conrad

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