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Don Norman's family files Starcher page lists Philip Starcher as having been born 1779, died 1865, the son of Jacob and Barbary Starcher. Other accounts give a birth year of 1881. This writer does not know the reason for this discrepancy. It can be noted that there are two census records for Philip Starcher, 1850 and 1860. The 1850 census record indicates age 71, suggesting a 1779 birth. The 1860 census gives his age as 79, suggesting a birth year of 1881.
Jacob Starcher, a son of Jacob and Mary Starcher, was born in NJ September 15, 1749 and died in 1815 in Harrison County VA. He first appeared on the Harrison county VA tax rolls in 1786. He married Barbary ---.

Children of Jacob and Barbary Starcher.

3. (1). Jacob Jr. b. 1768 d.Jan 7 1838
         m.Ann Staats Nov 28 1795

4. (2). John b. 1767 d.Nov 8 1825
         m.Jane Elizabeth "Jennie" Radcliff Aug 25 1800

5. (3). Philip b. 1779 d. 1865
         m.Rebecca Mace
         m.Mary Bush Dec 5 1801

6. (4). Jesse b. 1781 d.Sep 18 1858

7. (5). Daniel b.Nov 16 1788 d.Oct 20 1859
         m.Nancy Brannon Mar 16 1818

8. (6). Abraham b.c. 1790
         m.Elizabeth Nutter Jun 26 1819

Philip Starcher, a son of Jacob and Barbary Starcher, was born in Hampshire County VA (WV) in 1779 and died in Calhoun County WV in 1865. Philip married Mary Bush in Harrison County VA December 5, 1801. Mary, a daughter of Adam and Margaret (Hagle) Bush, was born about 1782 and died in 1803 in Harrison County VA.

Philip married Rebecca Mace in Harrison County VA December 5, 1805. Rebecca, a daughter of Isaac and Mary Mace, was born in VA about 1779 and died in Calhoun County WV December 5, 1880.

Children of Philip and Rebecca (Mace) Starcher.

25. (1). Adam b.Dec 25 1802 d.Feb 8 1881
         m.Phoebe Coger

Children of Philip and Rebecca (Mace) Starcher.

26. (1). Henry b. 1807 d. Mar 10 1894
         m.Elizabeth Wayne (McElwain)

27. (2). Jacob b.c. 1812
         m.Nancy Nutter
         m.Elizabeth Little

28. (3). Abraham b.c. 1815
         m.Elizabeth Drennin

29. (4). William Thomas "Bluehead" b.Sep 30 1822 d.Mar 10 1894
         m.Nancy Wayne (McElwain) May 7 1840
         m.Sarah Husk

30. (5). Isaac b.c. 1823
         m.Mary Tanner

31. (6). Arnold b.Nov 9 1827 d.May 2 1906
         m.Isabel Blosser

32. (7). Mary "Polly" b.c. 1817
         m.John Blosser

33. (8). Sarah b.c. 1825
         m.Solomon Greathouse

It should be noted that there exists some discrepancy in the birth dates for Adam Starcher, 1801-02 vs 1808. See Adam Starcher page.

Noted in passing, Victor Starcher, in a taped interview, noted the brothers of Philip Starcher as Jacob, Philip, Jesse, Daniel, and Henry

Philip Starcher has been noted to be the first settler in Calhoun County West Virginia, building a cabin at present day Arnoldsburg in 1810.

He is prominently mentioned in Hardesty's Calhoun County History, available AT THIS LINK, having been transcribed by Linda Fluharty, contained on Linda Fluharty's website.

There is another history of Philip Starcher on Debbie's Genealogy page AT THIS LINK.

Another genealogical listing compiled by Linda Fluharty on line AT THIS LINK demonstrates some further inconsistencies:
1. Philip "Jepe" Starcher b. 1781, Hampshire Co., WV, occupation farmer, m.
        (1) 5 Dec 1801, in Harrison Co., WV, Mary Bush, b. 1789, MD, (daughter
        of George Adam Bush and Margaret Hagle) d. 1807, m. (2) Rebecca Mace, b.
        1789, VA, (daughter of Isaac Mace). Philip died 18 ___ 1858, Calhoun
        Co., WV.
       2.       i Henry E. Starcher b. 1807.
       3.      ii Adam Starcher b. 25 Dec 1808.
       4.     iii Jacob Starcher b. 1812.
       5.      iv Abraham Starcher.
       6.       v Mary "Polly" Starcher b. 1818.
       7.      vi William "Billy Blue Head" Starcher b. 1819.
       8.     vii Isaac Starcher b. 1823.
       9.    viii Arnold Starcher b. 1825.
       10.     ix Sarah Starcher.
This account indicates date of birth of Philip as 1781 rather than 1779, indicates the date of death of Philip's first wife Mary Bush as 1807 rather than 1803, and indicates 1808 as the birth date for Adam Starcher.

The 1840 Federal census for Kanawha, Virginia (Calhoun County WV was Kanawha Co Virginia in 1840) is as follows:

1840 Federal census, Kanawha Co. Virginia

The 1850 Federal census for Gilmer County, Virginia indicates:
1850 Federal census, Gilmer County, Virginia

Philip and Rebecca Starcher, ages 71 and 61.
Note, nearby families on adjacent census pages include...
Daniel Dusky, age 40 - Member of the Moccasin Rangers, received a pardon by President Abraham Lincoln

Thomas and Drusiilla Barnhouse, ages 47 and 33 - Their daughter Caroline was the second wife of William Brannon "Billy" Starcher, the son of Daniel Starcher. Daniel Starcher was Philip's brother, thus William Brannon "Billy" Starcher was the nephew of Philip Starcher.

Joseph and Mary Wilson, ages 38 and 33 - Their son Wesley, age 9 in 1850, married Mary Starcher, daughter of William Brannon "Billy" Starcher.

Jeremiah and Sarah Mace - Jeremiah Mace was the son of Henry Mace. Henry Mace was the brother of Rebecca Mace Starcher. Thus, Jeremiah Mace was the nephew of Philip Starcher. Jeremiah Mace married Sarah Wilson, the daughter of Joseph and Mary Wilson.

Abraham and Elizabeth Starcher, ages 60 and 45 - This Abraham Starcher was the brother of Philip Starcher.

Philip and Polly Booher, ages 65 and 68 - No information is found on these two people.

Peter and Mahalia Mace, ages 29 and 22 - Peter Mace was the son of Henry Mace. Peter Mace was the nephew of Philip Starcher.

Jacob and Nancy Starcher, ages 38 and 37 - son and daughter-in-law of Philip Starcher.

Solomon Nichols, age 50 - Solomon Nichols was the son of Levan Nichols Jr and Margaret Mace Nichols. Margaret Mace Nichols was the sister of Rebecca Mace Starcher. Thus, Solomon Nichols was the nephew of Philip Starcher. Of note, Philip Starcher was living in the household of Solomon Nichols at the time of the 1860 census.

Philip and Rebecca Starcher, ages 71 and 61 - Rebecca Hines, age 14, was living in this household. A Rebecca Hines married Jacob Mace, son of Henry Mace.

William and Nancy Starcher, ages 31 and 34 - This is William Thomas "Bluehead" Starcher and family. Bluehead was the son of Philip and Rebecca Mace Starcher.

Two names illegible, ? W. Delani and M. Lefover ?, ages 45 and 26

M. Nutter and Meary Nutter, ages 40 and 55

George and Peggy Connolly, ages 50 and 50 - This writer speculates that Peggy Connolly is Margaret Booher, sister of Jacob Booher.

Elias and Matilda Connolly, ages 22 and 18

Thos and Aleathia Goff, ages 35 and 30

Peter Jr and Margaret McCune, ages 60 and 55 - Peter McCune Jr was the son of Peter McCune.

The 1860 census shows Philip Starcher living in the household of his nephew, Solomon Nichols. No listing of wife Rebecca is found, although she is widely reported to have died as late as 5 Dec 1880.

1860 Federal census, Calhoun County Virginia.


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