Notes on Peter Cogar

Peter Cogar was the great-great grandfather of Allen B. Starcher (and thus the 4-great grandfather of this writer).

He is descended through Claus Koger, Dietrich Koger, Claus Koger, Joss Cogar, and John Nicholas Koger.

From Don Norman's Family files, regarding the Descendants of Klaus Coger:

"Heritage of Braxton County WV 1995" says "Five sons and one daughter of Joss (Joseph) Koger came to America between 1725 and 1738 to found the Koger, Coger, Cogar and Cowger clans." Only two sons of Joss Koger are Known at present. These two men were great great grandsons of Claus Koger.


Claus Koger was born in the village of Weil am Rhine in South Wester Germany in 1572 and died by drowning in 1630. He married Dorothy Jager.

Known children of Claus and Dorothy (Jager) Koger.

      2. (1). Dietrich b. 1608 d. 1688
            m.Maria Leininger
            m.Anna Hagin


Dietrich Koger, a son of Claus and Dorothy (Jager) Koger, was born in 1608 and died in 1688. He married Maria Leininger. Maria died in childbirth April 30, 1643. Dietrich then married Anna Hagin.

Known children of Dietrich and Maria (Leninger) Koger.

     3. (1). Claus b. 1637 d. 1679
            m.Maria Kuttler


Claus Koger, a son of Dietrich and Maria (Leninger) Koger, was born in 1637 and died in 1679. He married Maria Kuttler.

Known children of Claus and Maria (Kuttler) Koger.

      4. (1). Joss (Joseph) b. 1674 d.Aug 2 1733
            m.Maria Catherine Gebhard
            m.Anna Lowenberger Apr 23 1709


Joss (Joseph) Koger, a son of Claus and Maria (Kuttler) Koger, was born in Germany in 1674 and died at Auggen, Germany August 2, 1733. He married Maria Catherine Gebhard. They had four children and Maria died. Joss married Anna Lowenberger April 23, 1709.

Known children of Joss (Joseph) and Anna (Lowenberger) Koger.

      5. (1). Hans Jacob b.Jul 24 1710 d.Jun 13 1783
            m.Lucinda Crum

      6. (2). John Nicholas b.Jan 30 1712
            m.Maria Elizabeth Wilheut Aug 15 1735


Hans Jacob Koger, a son of Joss (Joseph) and Anna (Lowenberger) Koger, was born in Auggen, Germany July 24, 1710 and died in Henry County VA June 13, 1783.

He arrived at the Port of Philadelphia aboard the "John and William" October 17, 1732 in company with his brother John Nicholas Koger. He married Lucinda Crum about 1737 and by 1762, they were living in Henry County VA.

Children of Hans Jacob and Lucinda (Crum) Koger.

      7. (1). Michael
      8. (2). Henry
      9. (3). John
      10. (4). Jacob Jr.
     11. (5). Peter
     12. (6). Nicholas
      13. (7). Mary
      14. (8). Joseph


John Nicholas Koger, a son of Joss (Joseph) and Anna (Lowenberger) Kogerr, was born in Auggen, Germany January 30 1912 and was killed by Indians in Orange County VA in 1753. He arrived at the Port of Philadelphia aboard the "John and William" October 17, 1732 in company with his brother Hans Jacob Koger.

He married Maria Elizabeth Wilheut in York County, PA August 15, 1735. John's estate was settled in Orange County may 24, 1753. John's three youngest children were reared in the household of Godfrey Hambledon in Rockingham County VA. Near the end of the American Revolution, the Hambledon family moved to Botetourt County VA, where Hambledon died in 1795.

Children of John Nicholas and Maria Elizabeth (Wilheut) Koger.

     15. (1). John b.Sep 3 1736

      16. (2). Anna Elizabeth b.Dec 2 1738
m.Henry Miller

      17. (3). John Michael b.Mar 10 1740
      18. (4). John Jacob b.Sep 4 1741
            m.Sarah Walker       19. (5). Anna Catharina b.May 17 1743
      20. (6). John Peter b.Sep 17 1753 d. 1841
            m.Mary "Polly" McElwain Sep 3 1781


John Peter Coger, a son of John Nicholas and Maria Elizabeth (Wilheut) Koger, was born in Rockingham County VA September 17, 1753 and died in Braxton County VA in 1841. Peter enlisted in the Revolutionary Army from Rockingham County VA. He served as a private in the company of Captain Ragan and Lieutenant Harrison in the regiment of Colonel Skillern, his service extending from 1777 to 1781. He was at Point Pleasant when Chief Cornstalk was killed. Served under General George Rogers Clark in his historic conquest of the Northwest Territory in the Illinois Expedition. Peter also served during the siege of Yorktown and the British surrender there in 1781.

He applied for pension from Lewis County, Virginia, December 3, 1832, and in support of his claim are affidavits of John and Isaac Mace, Tunis McElwain, and Robert Hamilton. He names a long list of Revolutionary officers with whom he had seen service.

9 March 1837. Braxton County, Va. Tunis McElwain, aged 75 years sometime this fall by the best information he can get, having no register of his age, declares he has been well acquainted with Peter Coger from the days of their youth, about the time he was 10 years of age. Peter Coger and his brother Jacob Coger were absent at times from the neighborhood where they resided in Rockingham County VA during the Revolutionary War and upon their return he was informed by them they had been in the army.

It was the general understanding of the neighborhood they had been on the expedition to the Illinois Country commanded by Gen. George Rogers Clark. Peter Coger served in the militia on several occasions, once under Capt. George Cresman in Rockingham County VA. McElwane was born and raised in Rockingham County. He believes he was at the siege of York in 1781.

8 April 1837. Lewis County VA. Isaac Mace declares he has been acquainted with Peter Coger from his youth and believes he served a number of tours as private in the militia. He often heard Peter Coger talk of having been in the army under Col. George Rogers Clark and Mace served a tour of six months with him in 1777. They both volunteered in Augusta County. Peter Coger went under Capt. Ragen and he under Capt. Hopkins. They commenced their march from Augusta County in July or August to Staunton and from Staunton to the Warm Springs and to the Sevanah Fort, now called Lewisburg, and then to the Big Kanawha and to Point Pleasant, at which shortly after their arrival Cornstalk was killed.

29 May 1837. Lewis County VA. Peter Coger, aged upwards of 80, makes a similar statement of his service under Capt. Ragan. In April 1778 he again entered service in company with his brother Jacob under Capt. Abraham Bowman. Both he and his brother Jacob volunteered for one year, expressly to join the expedition undertaken by Col. George Rogers Clark against the British and Indians in the Illinois Country. By arrangement with Capt. Bowman he and his brotherjoined the regiment at Wheeling. At the time he volunteered he was a citizen of Rockingham County VA. They embarked on board the keel boats at Wheeling and descended to the falls of the Ohio and landed at the falls and built cabins on the island. They left a number of families and some soldiers for their protection.

Peter married Mary "Polly" McElwain in Rockingham County VA September 3, 1781. Mary was a daughter of Thomas and Nancy (Rector) McElwain. Peter and Mary lived in Botetourt County VA until 1794, and their five oldest children were born there. In 1794, They moved to Franklin County VA where they lived on the Blackwater River. In 1817, the family moved to Randolph County VA and settled on the Elk River near the mouth of Holly River. (This area is now Braxton County, WV). They bought land from Jeremiah Carpenter and obtained a land grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia for a larger tract.

U.S. Revolutionary War Pension Records for Lewis County VA list Peter as age 81 in 1833, and living with Adam Starcher. Adam Starcher was married to Peter's daughter, Phoebe.

Children of John Peter and Mary (McElwain) Coger.

      21. (1). Mary b.c. 1782
           m.Edward Roberson Oct 13 1804

      22. (2). William b.c. 1784
           m.Elizabeth Kingery Sep 18 1804

     23. (3). Thomas b.c. 1786
           m.Eva Spillman

      24. (4). Jacob b.c. 1790 d. 1876
           m.Margaret Hope Mollohan Mar 21 1819

     25. (5). Catherine b.c. 1792

      26. (6). Benjamin G. b. 1795 d. 1835
           m.Mary Hosey 1816

      27. (7). Peter Jr. b.Feb 4 1797 d.Oct 10 1866
           m.Mary Carpenter 1820

      28. (8). Sarah b.c. 1800
           m.Henry Mace 1820

     29. (9). John b.c. 1802
           m.Sarah Jane Sands 1825

      30. (10). Daniel b.c. 1810
           m.Hannah Starcher Aug 15 1841

     31. (11). Phoebe b.Jan 6 1814 d.Feb 13 1899
           m.Adam Starcher Aug 28 1828

Peter Cogar is noted in Hardesty's Calhoun County to be one of the earliest settlers of Calhoun County West Virginia.

See also "McCune and Cogar, Two Revolutionary War Soldiers, Settled In Calhoun." References

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