Notes on Mary E. Smith Starcher

Mary E. Smith was born September 20, 1863 (according to gravestone marker - see below).

An image of the record of her marriage to Thomas J. Starcher February 8, 1880, is available AT THIS LINK. Both Thomas J. and Mary were noted to be 18 years old at the time of their marriage. Thomas J. was noted to be the son of Thomas Starcher and Asenath Norman. Mary was noted to be the daughter of John and Eliza Smith.

When her husband Thomas J. died in 1913, it appears that Mary had a short-lived marriage to one Clark H. Morton, married in Barberton, Summit County Ohio August 25, 1915, also noted on a legal document, a lien release, executed 8/17/17. Copy of this document is here.

Mary was apparantly living with son Carl and his wife Orpha as Mary Starcher in the 1920 census, and apparantly was also living in Grantsville about 1919 or so. She married I.S. Geho in 1920. She and Mr. Geho lived in Barberton Ohio for a time in the 1920's (See Daniels Run News). However, this marriage apparently ended in divorce prior to 1930. She was living in Grantsville at the time of the 1930 census.

Thomas Jackson and Mary E. Smith Starcher. Youngest daughter Viola in the middle. The entire photo is AT THIS LINK.

The entry from the 1880 Calhoun County Federal Census appears to indicate Mary E. as the daughter-in-law of Asenith Norman. Apparently, at that time, Thomas J (Jackson) and Mary were living with Jackson's mother Aseneth:
ASENITH(?), L013 Norman...w...WF...38...Keeping House...VA...VA...VA Jackson...m...WM...19...Son...Wrks on Farm...VA...VA...VA Mary E...m...WF...17...Dil...VA...VA...VA William O...WM...15...Son...VA...VA...VA Charles D...WM...13...Son...WV...VA...VA Hanibal...WM...8...Son...WV...VA...VA Claryse...WF...4...Dau...WV...VA...VA
The 1900 Census shows Mary and Thomas at home with children:
Thomas...Head...WM...Dec 20 yrs...Farmer...WV WV WV
Mary E...Wife...WF...Sep 1863...36...8/7...WV WV WV
Estella...Dau...WF...May 1881...19...Seamstress...WV WV WV
Charles W...Son...WM...Mar 1883...17...Farm Laborer...WV WV WV
Allen B...Son...WM...Jul 1885...14...Farm Laborer...WV WV WV
Fred A...Son...WM...Jan 1889...11...Farm Laborer...WV WV WV
Carl C...Son...WM...Sep 1891...8...WV WV WV
Leona M...Dau...WF...Jul 1896...3...WV WV WV
Roy F...Son...WM...Sep 1899...8/12...WV WV W
Estella left home about 1901. Charles married in February 1910 and left home. Allen B. married Icie Duvall in 1904 and left home.

The 1910 Federal census for this family (accessed on the subscription service lists...
Thomas J. Starcher head age 48
Mary E. Starcher wife age 47
Fred A. Starcher son age 20
Carl Starcher son age 18
Leona M. Starcher daughter age 13
Roy F. Starcher son age 10
Viola G. Starcher daughter age 4

Mary's husband Thomas J. died in 1913. Thomas J. was 53 when he died, and Mary was 50. The death of the head of the family seems to have caused the family to scatter quite a bit.

Fred A. Starcher married Ruth Workman November 10, 1910. His family lived in Calhoun County shortly after their marriage, and he and his family moved to Barberton Ohio about 1915.

Carl Starcher married Orpha Harris in 1918. Carl and Orpha remained in Calhoun County the rest of their lives.

Leona Starcher moved to Barberton Ohio about 1915 and married Thomas Anderson between 1917 and 1920. She died in Barberton in 1926.

Roy F. Starcher moved to Barberton Ohio about 1915 and married Mina Workman in 1920.

Mary apparently moved in with Carl and his wife sometime after 1913 and prior to 1920.

The 1920 Federal census for Lee District, Calhoun County WV, dated January 20, 1920, available at the subscription service indicates...
Carl Starcher, head, age 28
Orpha Starcher, wife, age 22
Mary Starcher, mother, widow, age 56
Viola Starcher, sister, age 14

However, this writer is not sure that she was living with Carl all the time in 1920. (Or, perhaps this writer is confused).

Mary E. Smith Starcher remarried and later divorced after the death of her husband Thomas Jackson Starcher. An image of a marriage certificate available AT THIS LINK notes the marriage on October 20, 1920 of Mrs Mary E. Starcher, age 55, to I.S. Geho, age 53, born in Marshall County, son of Robert Geho, current residence given as Grantsville. A slight discrepancy in records is noted, as her age on this marriage certificate is given as 55. According to her gravestone she was born 9/20/1863 (or 1864 - see below) -- thus she would have been 56 or 57 at the time of this marriage. Also, this document indicates that Mary was born in Lewis County.

Found in the personal effects of Viola Starcher Cogar, the daughter of T.J. and Mary Starcher, is an old account book apparently owned by T.J., with a few scattered "diary" type notations made by Viola. Apparently Viola had expropriated this account book for her own use.

The notation reproduced at the right was made January 8, 1920. Viola would have been 14 years old at the time. This notation suggests that Mary was living in Grantsville in 1919 to 1920.

January 8, 1920
It is raining today so I didnt
go to school to-day. Mamma
was home Christmas
December 25, 1919 and she
came on Tuesday and stayd
till on Sunday and went
back to Mr Lov Balls at
Grantsville W.Va. Mr.
I.S. Geho brought her home.

This notation reproduced at the right was made June 3, 1922. Viola would have been 16 years old at the time.

Written by Viola Starcher
on June 3, 1922
I came to I.S. Geho's
on April 25, 1920 and
he got me one 1 white
skirk, 1 pair white
Stockings 1 pair Slippers
1 blue dress 1 Silk
waist - 1 silk poplin
skirt - 1 panama skirt
4 suits under ware
1 corset cover 2 under
Skirts 2 gingaham
dresses 1 Shamrey
middy blouse 1 pair
brown shoes 3 pairs
every day Shoes 1 pair
brown Stockings 3
pair bribbed pair
Stockings 1 pair
overshoes 1 pair black
Stockings 2 yds red
ribbon for my hat

Noted in passing, there is evidence that Viola married James Johnson August 1, 1920. Viola would have been 14 years old at the time (but the marriage record gives her age as 16).

The wage agreement reproduced to the right indicates that Viola was living in Barberton as Viola Starcher November 6, 1923. It would appear that Viola's marriage to James Johnson was short lived.

This postcard, postmarked September 9, 1920, is addressed to Mary Starcher from her daughter Estella who was living in Barberton, address for Mary is Grantsville. Of note, Mary was soon to marry I.S. Geho on October 20, 1920.

Dear Mother I did not have
any Birthday Cards. and Just
remembered that tomorrow
was your Birthday So I will
Just send you a card of the
Viaduct. it goes from the P.O.
clear acrost the railroads and
canall & all those swamps to
the east side it Sure is nice
So if you ever come to See us
you will hardly know the
place. but Just follow the crowd
from Stella

We next find a postcard addressed to Mary in Grantsville in 1929.

This postcard, from daughter Stella, postmarked October 9, 1929, is addressed to Mary Starcher, not Mary Geho. Mary the mother remarried to Mr Geho in October 1920. Perhaps this was a short marriage. Mary was noted to be divorced at the time of her death in 1941.

hello Mother wish
you could be along
with us we are having
a wonderful time But
cant come by as the
Coxs move out last Sunday
and we must get back
Loving you Daughter

The 1930 Federal Census, Calhoun County West Virginia, dated April 9, 1930, indicates...

Note: This census record, available at the subscription service, has Mary incorrectly indexed as "Mary Gefre."

Mary Geho, head, age 66, divorced, born in West Virginia
Viola Chapman (?), daughter, age 24, divorced, employed as a hotel cook
Thomas Anderson Jr, Grand Son, age 6, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in West Virginia

Mary Starcher is known to have remarried to I.S. Geho in 1920, and it is known that this marriage ended in divorce, apparently before 1930. Puzzling that the census records her name as Mary Geho in 1930, while the postcard above mailed in 1929 is addressed to Mary Starcher. The ages for Mary, Viola, and Thomas in this census record match their known ages. (Thomas Anderson Jr was the son of Thomas and Leona Starcher Anderson. Leona died in Barberton Ohio in 1926 at age 30. Apparently, Thomas Jr. lived for a time with his aunt Viola who was also living in Barberton in 1923). Apparently, Viola and "Junior" moved back to Grantsville and were living with Viola's mother Mary in 1930. However, this writer is puzzled by Viola being listed as Viola "Chapman." As noted above, Viola is thought to have married James Johnson in 1920, and this marriage is thought to have been ended before 1923 in view of the fact that Viola's wage agreement in 1923 (above) is in the name of Viola Starcher. Viola is thought to have married Leonard Nutter on May 17, 1930 (which would be a few weeks after the date of the above noted census). Perhaps the census taker was in error, or perhaps Viola had another short lived marriage between 1923 when she was in Ohio and 1930 when she had returned to West Virginia. (Update: It seems that is what happened -- Viola was identified as Viola Chapman for a time in the 1920's. See Daniels Run News).

At any rate, we find Mary living in Barberton later in 1930. This letter reproduced to the right, found in ther personal effects of Viola Starcher Cogar, was written by Mary in Barberton and mailed to Viola in July 1930.

July the 27 1930
970 North View Ave Barberton Ohio
Dear Viola i wil answer your
letter how is every body we are
all Well only Wilburn but he
was better Friday i was there
The soda ash had a picknick
at Sumit Beach park i went
with Freds we had a nice
time ruth took supper
We had a good time i am
peaceing a quilt it only
take 12 squares for a quilt
We had a good rain yesterday
even Well how are you and
Junior getting a long what
is leonard a getting a long
tell me al the nuse is
he got work yet i is ofly
hot out here People is sufern with heat i dont mine
it much Stella told me that tom anderson was
in a reak and was hurt

prety bad his face was cut
prety bad had to have it sold
up i hant heard how he is
now i think Freds are coming
down the 9 of August he was
talking a bout it well tell
me al the news i cant
think of nothing to write

tell Junior to Bee a good
Boy and i wil Bring him
something when i come
down answer soon kiss
Junior for me from your
kloving mother bye bye.

Augest the 9 1930
Dear Viola Junor i wil try
and wright you a few lines
we are Well only Stella
she was sick yesterday but
is beter to day Freds are on
there way down to WVa
i went down to Freds
thursday eaveing and
stayed al night Well Viola
i peaste a nuff quilt
squares for a quilt and
i got a $1.00 for it i am going
to peace a nuther one for
the same Woman Well Viola
we went to a picknick
last sunday the 3 i had
a good time they was 14 of
us and 3 children they
pitchd horse shoes and
played Ball We had a nice
diner We certnly had a
nice time Well Viola

Stella wants me to stay
with them this winter Ray
said i could stay as long
as i wanted to i wil come
down with Roy the 6 of
September to get the rest of
my cloes tell Jr. i wil get
him some thing when i come
down tell him to Bee a good
Boy and mind Antie and
learnard kiss him for me
Viola dont whip him very
hard he liks you to pet him
take good care of my flours
that you got me Mother day
Well i never toled inda nestor
i was going to work up
here i hant seen her since
last winter to talk to her
only when she was at our
house you know when
that was well tell me all
the news get along the best you can
dont tell Ruth any thing about
your trouble with lenard Mother

jan the 21 1931
970 North View ave
Dear Viola and Jr i thought
i would try to wright you a
few lines we are al well
except Bad cole i hope
you are all well tell Jr
that he must Bee good
and mind anty and uncle
lenard and learn his Books
and mind the teacher and
they al wil like you Well
Viola i got somes nice things
for Christmas Ray got me a pair
house slipers Wilburn sent
me a Bag like Stella only it
is deep Blue lined with
Pink it is ofly Prety i got a
silk cap a silk scarf Well
i have Bin peacin quilts i
have peaced twelve quilts
i pleaced Ray 5 i sold one

Well Viola if you
here any thing that
people says any thing a
Bout you dont tell them
you now They Will lie out
of it and dont have
any thing to do With them
people Bore you if you
hear any thing let it
go out one ear and out
the other dont pay at
tention to them
Well it is ofly cold
up here to day Viola
my rose is 24 inches big
my ------------
--------- the ones miss Sturms
gave me is groing them
that miss Cockes gave me
died did any of my flours
die Where i left did my
cacfetus Bloom Stella did
and mines did from mother

This writer does not know how long Mary lived in Barberton. The photo to the right is labeled on the back "Mary Starcher where she lived on Columbia Ave Barberton."

The notation on the back of this second photo to the right is...

July 1934
Mary Starcher - age 71
Stella Craig - 53
Wilburn T. Hopkins - 32
Wilburn B. Hopkins - 7

The photograph above was found in the personal effects of Viola Starcher Cogar, not labeled. Paula Roberts also owns a copy of this photo, which she has identified as Allen B. Starcher and Viola in the back, and Junior and Mary in the front. This writer believes the young man to be Thomas Anderson Jr. The young man appears to be about 10 or 12 years old, which would date this photo about 1933-35.

Mary died August 26, 1941. An image of the death certificate of Mary E. Smith Starcher Geho is available AT THIS LINK. This record documents the death August 26, 1941 of Mary E. Starcher Geho of Minnora, Calhoun County WV, born September 20, 1864 (note: gravestone indicates September 20, 1863), age 77 years, 11 months, 5 days, divorced, birthplace Roane County WV, parents John Smith and Eliza Tanner, buried at the Mt Zion M.E. Church, Mt Zion WV.

This writer does not know how long Mary lived in Barberton in the 1930s, or how or when she ended up living in Minnora.

A listing of names of those buried at the Mt Zion Cemetery at the Mt Zion Methodist Church, Mt Zion WV, can be found AT THIS LINK, and includes...
Mary E. Starcher - w/o Thomas J. - 20 Sep 1863 - 26 Aug 1941

Any attempt to make definite family connections for a family with such common names as John Smith, Eliz(abeth) Smith, and Mary Smith is fraught with difficulty.

As noted above, the marriage record of Thomas J. Starcher and Mary E. Smith indicates the parents of Mary to be John and Eliz Smith. Her death certificate indicates her parents to be John Smith and Eliz Tanner. A marriage record at the West Virginia archives AT THIS LINK documents the marriage in Calhoun County WV May 23, 1858 of John Smith and Eliza Tanner. John was noted to be 23, born in Lewis County (n.b., the names of the counties changed as counties were subdivided into small counties. See Census Maps) currently living in Roane County. Eliza was noted to be 17, born in Jackson County, currently living in Calhoun County. John was noted to be the son of G.W. and Margaret Smith. Eliza was noted to be the daughter of James and Nancy Tanner.

A marriage record at the West Virginia archives documents the marriage in Lewis County December 3, 1830, of George Smith to Margaret Life.

An entry in the book, "History of Calhoun County West Virginia 1989" published by the Calhoun Historical Society, page 162, under the heading "Smith - Stallman," submitted by Lois Ann (Park) Newell, includes the following information:
George P. Smith, born in 1806, married Margaret Life. They came to Roane county in 1858. Their children were John J., Sarah J., Barbara, Margaret, Caroline, and George W.

John J. Smith married Elizabeth Tanner. Sarah J. married Timothy McCune, Barbara married a Fox, Margaret married Daniel Stallman. Caroline maried Jonathan Mason, and George W. married Louise Wright.

Daniel Stallman and Margaret Smith were parents of: Lovena Jane, Charles F., George W., Caroline, Elizabeth, James B., Allen L., Rosa Ann, Daniel Webster, and Alfred Edgar. Daniel Stallman was born in Lewis county, in 1841. In Roane county in 1867 he married Margaret Smith. They owned 153 acres at Triplett, Roane county in 1872. In 1890 they traded this land to George P. Smith, Margaret's father, for a portable steam mill and moved to Little Creek, Wirt county.

Rose Ann Stallman, daughter of Daniel and Margaret Stallman, married Gilbert Erastus Boice, son of John W. and Martha Boice. Rose Ann was born in Roane county in 1882. She and her husband resided on Little Creek in Wirt county all their lives. Their children were Nellie, Gertrude, Etta May, Mable Gae, Clyde, Nina, Manford, Edna, Goldie and Wilmer......

A marriage record at the West Virginia archives AT THIS LINK documents the marriage in Roane County WV January 10, 1867 of Daniel Stalman, age 23, son of Peter and Ja--, born in Gilmer County, to Margaret Smith, age 20, born in Jackson County, daughter of George P. and Margaret.

A marriage record at the West Virginia archives AT THIS LINK documents the marriage in Roane County WV March 9, 1874 of G.W. Smith, age 24, son of George P. and Margaret, to Louisa Wright, age 17, daughter of John and May.

A marriage record at the West Virginia archives AT THIS LINK documents the marriage in Roane County WV August 1875 of Jonathan Mason, age 46, widower, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth, to Caroline Smith, age 25, daughter of George P. and Margaret.

This writer has found few other records of Mary's family prior to her marriage. A few items found in the personal effects of Viola Starcher Cogar provide a few clues, but the picture is incomplete.

First, a memorium found in a scrapbook of newspaper clippings regarding Samuel Life Smith, brother of Mary E. Smith Starcher, reproduced to the right.


Samuel Life Smith was born Mary 27, 1856, and departed this life January 28, 1936. He was 79 years, 8 months and 1 day old. He was united in marriage to Elizabeth Lossen and to this union were born seven children. Mrs. Ellen Smith and Charley Smith preceded him in death. Those living are George Smith, Niagra Falls, N.Y., Mrs Lulu Brady, of Niagra Falls,; Mrs. Florence Haney and Tom Smith, of Creston and Herbert Smith, Pine Creek. His first wife departed this life several years ago. He was married to Mrs. Maritta Hall and she died two years ago. A year ago he was united in marriage to Mrs. Lucy Scott who surviees. He also has one sister, Mrs. Mary Starcher, of Mill Street, Grantsville, W. Va.; one half sister, Mrs. Malinda Jacobs, of Parkersburg, W. Va.; and a host of friends and relatives to mourn their loss. He was converted and joined the Baptist chruch at an early age and lived a constat Christian till death. He was loved by all who knew him and was always a friend to all. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, of Richardsonville, W. Va.

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Frances Stutler and burial was at hte Gibson cemetery at Altizer.

1900 Federal Census, Lee District, Calhoun County West Virginia

The names in the newspaper memoriam can be matched to the 1900 Federal Census for Lee District, Calhoun County WV, shown above, taken from

Also found in Viola's personal effects are the following three photos, presumably family members of Mary E. Smith Starcher.

Notation on the back:
"Walter Smith (seated), Herbert Smith (standing, right), Clell Hall (standing left)"

Notation on the back:
"well aunt i will
send you my Picture
it is Toms Baby with
me hant it sweet
this is to you
Lulu Smith
too Aunt Mary"

Notation on the back:
"Bessie Smith"

At this point, it gets a bit complicated. The reader may wish to print out the following document, Seleceted Family Tree - Jacob Booher, and Smith Family Connections to follow the story along.

Mary E. Smith Starcher's mother-in-law, Aseneth Booher Norman, was a sister of Jemima Booher, Aseneth and Jemima being daughters of Jacob and Nancy McCune Booher.

Jemima Booher married Reason Smith in 1857. An entry in the book, "History of Calhoun County West Virginia 1989" published by the Calhoun Historical Society, page 162, under the heading "Smith," indicates that Joshua Smith married Phebe Collins October 2, 1819. Joshua Smith and Phebe Collins Smith are the parents of Reason Smith.

Reason Smith died 10/17/1899, according to a listing of graves at the Gibson Cemetery on the Calhoun County GenWeb site. (n.b., adjacent to Jemima B. Smith, b. 11 Nov 1839, d. 8 Mar 1921; adjacent to J.W. Naylor, 4/5/1861 - 11/7/1921, adjacent to Nancy Naylor 12/31/1860 - 1/3/1901).

The family of Reason and Jemima Booher Smith lived nearby the family of Thomas J. and Mary Smith Starcher on Daniels Run, Calhoun County WV. The 1900 Federal Census for Lee District, Calhoun County WV shows the family of Thomas J. and Mary Smith Starcher adjacent to the family of Jemima Smith, widow. Jemima would have been Thomas J.'s aunt.

1900 Census, Lee Dist, Calhoun Co WV

A son of Reason and Jemima Smith, Walter L. Smith, married Ellen May Smith in 1901. Ellen May Smith was the daughter of Samuel Life and Elizabeth Lossen Smith. Ellen would have been Mary Smith Starcher's niece, and Ellen's husband was a first cousin of Mary's husband Thomas J. Starcher.

According to a listing found on the subscription service, Ellen May Smith died in a fire. She apparantly died prior to 1910, as the census record for 1910 shows Walter Smith, widower, living in the home of his mother, Jemima Smith. Of note, also in the household was Dewey Nailor, grandson, perhaps the son of Nancy A. Smith Naylor, who died in 1901.

1910 Census, Lee Dist, Calhoun Co WV

According to a marriage record found at the WV archives, Walter Smith remarried to a Mary Smith 4/27/1913. According to the 1920 and 1930 census records, his family remained in Lee District, Calhoun County WV with children as noted on the above referenced family tree.

Noted in passing, the above referenced article in "History of Calhoun County West Virginia 1989" published by the Calhoun Historical Society, page 162, under the heading "Smith," the author of this article (Maryellen Cunningham" indicates "...Walter married Mary Bertha (I have not been able to determine for sure if she was a Smith or Schoolcraft) on April 27, 1913..." The author goes on to note "...This was Walter's second marriage. His first marriage was to Ellen Smith. Walter and Ellen had five children, three of whom lived to adulthood. Mary Bertha had a daughter, Glada, prior to her marriage to to Walter. I have been told she was married to Casto from Roane couty. She worked for a time at the Spencer State Hospital prior to her marriage to Walter. After his death, she married a man named Rupert and they lived in the vicinity of Elizabeth. Both Ellen and Rupert died in house fires."

In the photo above to the left, Walter Smith is presumably a cousin of Thomas J. Starcher who married Mary E. Smith Starcher's niece, Ellen May.

Herbert Smith would be a nephew of Mary E. Smith, the son of Samuel Life Smith, a brother-in-law of Walter Smith.

Clell Hall is Joseph McClelland Hall, the son of Marietta Sager Hall (1860-1934) by her first marriage to John W. Hall (1857-1898). Marietta Sager Hall was the second wife of Samuel Life Smith. Clell Hall was the step-son of Samuel Life Smith. Thus, the step son of Mary Smith Starcher's brother.

In the middle photo, Lulu Smith presumably is the daughter of Samuel Life Smith, a niece of Mary E. Smith Starcher. "Tom" could be Lulu's brother.

The photo on the right is a bit more of a mystery. It could be Bessie Smith, the daughter of John W.L. Smith. John W.L. Smith was a son of Reason and Jemima Smith, and would have been a first cousin to Thomas J. Starcher.

1880 Census, Lee Dist, Calhoun Co WV

In 1900, John W.L. Smith is found living with his father-in-law in Jackson County, WV.

1900 Census, Jackson County, Ravenswood, WV

In 1910, the family is found living in Beaver Dist, Nicholas Co WV.

1910 Census, Beaver Dist, Nicholas Co WV

A daughter, Bessie Smith, is noted to be a member of that family.

According to a listing found on the subscription service, John W.L. Smith died in Barberton, Summit Co Ohio in 1919. This writer has not located this family in the 1920 census, but Bessie Smith is noted to be a resident of Barberton in in 1930. Of note, the date on the license plate is 1915, Ohio. Perhaps the family moved to Barberton after 1910 and prior to 1920, and a connection was made with Mary E. Smith Starcher and/or Viola sometime then.

Of note, Mary's mother Eliza Smith, has a maiden name listed on Mary's death certificate, Eliz Tanner. The James Tanner page at Don Norman's family files does include a notation for a marriage of Eliz Tanner to John Smith.

         James Tanner was born in Ohio about 1802. He married Nancy ------. Nancy was born in VA about 1805. The family is listed in the 1850 Gilmer County VA (WV) census. (Editor's note: Recall that in 1850, Calhoun was a part of Gilmer. James Tanner is shown on the census record of 1850 three families removed from Adam Starcher, known to have lived in what became Lee District, Calhoun County WV, in the environs of Altizer).

Children of James and Nancy Tanner.

2. (1). John A.
         m.Margaret Wayne
         m.Loretta Jane Lyons

3. (2). Jefferson b.c. 1828
         m.Nancy Starcher

4. (3). Malinda b.c. 1829
         m.John Carpenter

5. (4). Elijah b.c. 1830
         m.Barsheba Nelson
         m.Sarah Moore
         m.Eunice Cart
         m.Mary Sears

6. (5). George Washington b.c. 1832
         m.Catharine McCune Apr 12 1857

7. (6). Noah b.c. 1836
         m.Mary Davis

8. (7). Dixon b.c. 1838

9. (8). Joshua b.c. 1842
         m.Jane ------

10. (9). Eliza b.c. 1843
         m.John Smith

11. (10). Andrew
         m.Dora Green

A marriage record at the West Virginia Archives AT THIS LINK documents the marriage August 1, 1906 of Florernce E. Smith, age 22, born in Roane County WV, current residence Roxdale (Rocksdale) WV, to Mont Long, age 33, current residence Hur WV, born in Jackson County WV, ceremony performed at the residence of Salenthiel Starcher.

A marriage record at the West Virginia Archives AT THIS LINK documents the marriage May 3, 1914 in Calhoun County WV of Florence Long (divorced), daughter of Sam Smith, born in Wirt County WV, age 25, to Asa Haney, son of J. Haney, age 30, born in Ritchie County WV.

1920 Federal Census, Lee District, Calhoun County WV

The 1920 Federal Census for Lee District, Calhoun County West Virginia shown above lists the houshold of Asa Haney, age 38, wife Florence Haney, age 29, and children Silva age 10, Charles age 5, Valet (Violet?) age 3, and Ethel age 10/12.

A death record at the West Virginia Archives AT THIS LINK documents the death June 24, 1965 of Florence Esta Haney, widow, age 78, daughter of Samuel Smith and Elizabeth Lawson, reported by Sylvia Headley of Annamoriah.

A marriage record at the West Virgini Archives AT THIS LINK documents the marriage July 8, 1916 in Calhoun County WV of Herbert Smith, age 18, son of S.L. Smith, born in Wirt County WV, to Lona Sampson, age 23, daughter of Preston Sampson. (Note: This writer suspects that the ages are reversed on this document. See 1930 Federal Census below).

1930 Federal Census, Center District, Calhoun County WV

The 1930 Federal Census, reproduced above, lists the household of Herbert (married at age 22) and Lona (married at age 18) Smith as Harold age 12, Melva age 11, Ermal age 9, Alma age 7, Idema age 5, Hobart age 3, and Zelma age 1.

From these accounts, a skeleton of a family tree is offered AT THIS LINK.


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