Notes on Jacob P. Starcher

Jacob P. Starcher, son of Adam and Phoebe Coger Starcher, was born around 1834. He was a brother of Thomas Starcher, and would be a great-uncle to Allen B. Starcher.

The reader is cautioned not to confuse this Jacob P. Starcher with another Jacob P. Starcher, a son of William Brannon "Billy" Starcher and his second wife, Caroline Barnhouse, was born April 1877. He married Effie Marks.

From information gleaned from the internet, it appears that Jacob P. Was born and raised and married in Calhoun County WV. He was already married to Minerva Stallman and had a family when he enlisted as a Confederate "Moccasin Ranger" in 1861.

Following the Civil War, he returned to Calhoun County. His first wife, Minerva Stallman, apparently died some time after 1870. Minerva was apparantly the daughter of Peter and Jane Holbert Stallman. See the Stallman page at Don Norman's Family Files.

Note: Siblings of Minerva Stallman married cousins of Jacob P. Starcher. A brother of Minerva Stallman, George Stallman, b.c. 1836, is reported to have married Mary "Polly" Starcher on Apr 22 1858. Mary "Polly" Starcher is reported to be the daughter of another Jacob Starcher who was an uncle of Jacob P. Starcher. A sister of Minerva, Louisa Stallman, b.c. 1838, is reported to have married Philip Starcher b.c. 1834, on Oct 22 1857. This Philip Starcher was likewise a son of Jacob Starcher who was an uncle of Jacob P. Starcher. Another of Minerva's sisters, Ruhama, b.c. 1842, married John Wesley Kerby on Jun 10 1862. Ruhama and John Wesley Kerby are believed to be the parents of Zilla Ann Kirby (Kerby) Everson, wife of Asa Everson.

He re-married and moved to Webster County WV after 1870. This second wife was Margaret M. (or Mary M., or Mary Margaret Magdalene) Cogar. An image of what is believed to be her death certificate is available AT THIS LINK, born December 17, 1834, died July 20, 1928. Daughter of Arch Cogar. Died in Webster County WV. The Claus Koger page at Don Norman's Family Files refers to an Archibald Cogar. There is an Archibald Cogar, son of Thomas (b.c. 1786) and Eva Spillman Cogar, who married Rebecca Miller. If this is the Arch Cogar in question, Mary M. Cogar was Jacob's first cousin twice removed -- Jacob's mother Phoebe Cogar Starcher was a sister of Thomas Cogar who was Mary's grandfather (the father of Archibald Cogar).

Jacob P. died in Webster County.

From Don Norman's Family Files...
Adam Starcher, a son of Philip and Rebecca (Mace) Starcher, was born in Harrison County VA (WV) December 25, 1808 and died in Calhoun County WV February 8, 1881. He married Phoebe Coger August 28, 1828 in Kanawha County VA (now Calhoun County, WV). Phoebe, a daughter of Peter and Mary (McElwain) Coger, was born in Franklin County VA January 6, 1814 and died February 13, 1899.

Children of Adam and Phoebe (Coger) Starcher.

119. (1). Sarah "Sally" b.c. 1830
         m.Asa Hamrick

120. (2). Thomas b.c. 1832

121. (3). Jacob P. b.c. 1834
         m.Minerva Stallman
         m.Margaret Cogar

122. (4). William b.c. 1836 d.Jan 2 1866

123. (5). Henry b. 1839 d. 1915
         m.Elizabeth Slider
         m.Matilda Greathouse

124. (6). Peter Simon b.c. 1843 d. 1896
         m.Sarah Wilson Oct 4 1866

125. (7). John Jehu b.Sep 20 1845 d.Aug 14 1874
         m.Susanna Kirby Jun 15 1868

126. (8). Mary "Polly" b. 1849
         M.John Bailey Jul 9 1871

127. (9). Elizabeth "Betty" b.Mar 8 1850 d.Nov 14 1902
         m.George William Gibson Aug 17 1865

From the page "Some Civil War Soldiers of Calhoun County" from the Calhoun County WVGenWeb, maintained by Linda Cunningham Fluharty:
STARCHER, Jacob P., Co. A 3rd Virginia State Line (Moccasin Rangers). Enlisted on 15 July 1861 in Calhoun Co., Va. Present on 28 Feb. 1863. 3rd Corporal, Co. A, 19th Virginia Cavalry. Born Jackson County, about 1844. Age 16, Calhoun Co. 1860 Census. Enlisted Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., W.Va., 1 Mar. 1863. Not stated if present or absent on muster-in-roll dated March 1863, 3rd Corporal. Clothing issued as a Private, 21 Mar. 1864 and 17 June 1864. Signs by X. Post war rosters show he was at Gettysburg, Pa. Post war resident of Calhoun County, W.Va. Witnessed killing of Alva L. Laughlin, Union soldier, by Confederate soldiers in Pocahontas County on or about the 24th day of July 1863. Moved to the mouth of Big Run of the Gauley River, Webster Co., W.Va. in the 1870s. Died Webster Co., W.Va. Buried in an unmarked grave, Sand Run Cemetery, Bolair, Fort Lick District, Webster Co., W.Va. C.S.A.
The 1860 Federal Census for Arnoldsburg, Calhoun County Virginia (reproduced below) includes...
Jacob P. Starcher, age 23
Minerva Starcher, age 22
Jane (June?) Starcher, f, age 8
Phebe Starcher, f, age 7
Solomon Starcher, m, age 6
William F. Starcher, m, age 5
James Starcher, m, age 4
Sarah E. Starcher, f, age 3/12

Of note, this listing is on the same page as that for Adam Starcher and Asa Hammrick. Asa Hamrick married Sarah "Sally" Starcher, a daughter of Adam Starcher.

The 1860 Federal Census for Arnoldsburg, Calhoun County Virginia

The 1870 Federal census for Lee District, Calhoun County WV (reproduced below) includes...
Jacob P. Starcher, age 36
Manerva Starcher, age 36
Phebe Starcher, age 16
Solomon Starcher, age 14
William F. Starcher, age 13
James Starcher, age 12
Sarah Starcher, age 11
Larence Starcher, age 9
Mary Starcher, age 5
Laverna Starcher, age 3
Thomas Starcher, age 1

1870 Census, Lee District, Calhoun County WV

The 1880 Federal census for Lee District, Calhoun County WV seems to indicate that James Starcher, now married, has moved from home and a sister and brother are now living in his household.
James Starcher, age 22
Rachel Starcher, wife, age 18
Minter Starcher, son, age 3/12
Luvernny Starcher, sister, age 13
Ference (Terence?) Starcher, brother, age 18 (This is believed to be Terence, or Tary, or Terry Starcher. See below)
The Civil War record noted above indicates that Jacob P. Starcher moved to Webster County WV in the 1870's. Apparantly, several of the Calhoun County Starchers migrated to Webster County. As noted below, J. Floyd Starcher, son of James Starcher, grandson of Jacob P. Starcher, died in Webster County in 1918. Lucinda Kathrine Starcher, thought to be the wife of Solomon Starcher and thus the daughter-in-law of Jacob P. Starcher died in Webster County in 1921.

This writer is curious at to why Jacob P. and other moved to Webster County after the Civil War. An interesting take on this question is found on a message board post found at
Perry Connolly is buried at Cowen, Webster County on a farm located on John Goff road just outside of Cowen. My Ancestor Alexander Benjamin "Alex" Goff & and his friend Jacob Phillip Starcher who both served with Perry Connolly in the Moccasin Rangers moved to near Cowen just after the Civil War. The Moccasin Rangers stayed here alot in and around Cowen during the war, because most of its Citizens were very loyal to the Confederacy. And they gave food and shelter to those in the Moccasin Rangers who was being hunted down by the "Snake Hunters" who was ordered to trck them down. They once ambushed a Union supply wagon at Birch River, and took the loot up the river 8 miles from Cowen, in the loot was the Payroll for Union Soldiers. They instructed to two soldiers to take the strong box up a Hollar and hide it in a good place, and they would continue up the river to draw the Yankes away from them and they would meet them later. Well, the two men hiding the payroll was sho! t and killed, but they were able to get the strong box hdden before they were killed. They hid it so well that neither the Yankee soldiers chasing them or the Moccasin Rangers could find the Strong box. And it is said that was why my Ancestor moved to Webster County. But him and everybody else has never been able to find that strong box.
The death certificate AT THIS LINK documents the death in Webster County WV September 12, 1896 of Peter Starcher, born 1843, son of Adam and Phebe Starcher, death reported by Amos Starcher his son. Peter Simon Starcher was the brother of Jacob P. Starcher.

Peter Simon Starcher and brothers Thomas Starcher, Jacob P. Starcher, and John Jehu Starcher (as well as Alfred Starcher, Hezekiah Starcher, Henry Starcher who was born in Webster County WV, and Isaac Starcher Jr.) were all Confederate Soldiers serving in the "Moccasin Rangers."

The 1880 Federal census for Fork Lick District, Webster County WV includes
Jacob Starcher, age 47
Magdalene Starcher, wife, age 33
Mary Starcher, daughter, age 15
Minter Starcher, son, age 8
Jacob A. Starcher, son, age 1

This writer supposes that this is the family of Jacob P. Starcher under consideration.
The 1900 Federal census for Fork Lick District, Webster County WV includes
Jacob Starcher, head, age 64, born May 1836, married 24 years
Mary M. Starcher, wife, born September 1846, age 53, married 24 years, 9 children, 7 living
Archibald Starcher, son, born May 1879, age 21
Almarinda Starcher, daughter, born February 1884, age 16
Nancy Starcher, daughter, born July 1885, age 14
Samuel Starcher, son, born July 1887, age 12

Of note, the above record indicates that Jacob and wife Mary had been married 24 years, suggesting a marriage date of 1875-76; This would be in keeping with the death of Jacob P.'s first wife Minerva sometime after 1870.
Also listed in the 1900 Census for Webster County WV are the families of Solomon Starcher and James Starcher, sons of Jacob P. Starcher.
Solomon Starcher, head, born October 1855, age 44, married 20 years
Lucinda C. Starcher, wife, born January 1859, married 20 years, mother of 7, seven living children
Viola Starcher, daughter, born January 1881, age 19
Monterey Starcher, son, born November 1882, age 17
Martha Starcher, daughter, born December 1884, age 15
Lee R. Starcher, son, born October 1886, age 13
William A. Starcher, son, born April 1889, age 11
Hattie V. Starcher, daughter, born April 1891, age 9
Annie B. Starcher, daughter, born October 1895, age 4
Adjacent on the original 1900 census record is the record for...
James Starcher, head, born April 1858, age 42, married 21 years
Rachel L. Starcher, wife, born June 1865, age 34, married 21 years
Minter Starcher, son, born February 1880, age 20
Floyd Starcher, son, born December 1882, age 17
Charles Starcher, son, born February 1884, age 16
Florence Starcher, daughter, born April 1886, age 14
Thurmond Starcher, son, born July 1888, age 11
Also listed in the 1900 Census is Tary Starcher. Tary Starcher, born July 21, 1861, is believed to be listed (or mis-listed) as Larence Starcher in the 1870 Census, a son of Jacob P. Starcher. In the 1880 Census he is listed as (Ference? Terence?) Starcher, age 18, living with brother James. At 1900 and afterward, he seems to be referred to as Tary or Terry Starcher. His death certificate, image AT THIS LINK, indicates Tary Starcher, born July 27, 1861, died January 30, 1977, son of Jacob Starcher and Marva Stalman, husband of Nancy Hamrick Starcher (his second wife, see below. His first wife was Sarah Melvina Miller), death reported by Lanty Starcher (son).
Tary Starcher, head, born July 1861, age 38, married 10 years
Nancy Starcher, wife, forn December 1852, age 44, married 10 years
Grover Starcher, son, born January 1886, age 14
Leland Starcher, son, born February 1887, age 13
Ariminda M. Starcher, daughter, born February 1890, age 10
Lanty Starcher, son, born May 1895, age 5
In further regard to Tary (Terry) Starcher, information on the Keener Page at Don Norman's Family Files indicates that Terry Starcher was married to Sarah Melvina Miller. Sarah Melvina Miller was born 1864, died 1890. Don's notes for the family of Sarah Melvina Miller are as follows:

Sarah Agnes Keener, a daughter of Oliver and Jane (Davis) Keener, was born in Braxton County VA (WV) in March 1841 and died in Webster County WV in 1920.

She married Matthew Sands Miller in Webster County in January 1861. Matthew, a son of John Miller, was born in Webster County about 1838 and died there in 1897. Sarah Agnes married William Fox after Matthew died.

Matthew and His brother, Addison Laughlin Miller, served the Union in the Civil War, enlisting in the 2nd W.Va. Cavalry in 1861. They deserted and spent the remainder of the war hiding in Webster County.

Children of Matthew Sands and Sarah Agnes (Keener) Miller.

103. (1). Margaret Jane b. 1861 d. 1922
         m.Elihu Cogar

104. (2). Sarah melvina b. 1864 d. 1890
         m.Terry Starcher

105. (3). Rebecca Frances b. 1865 d. 1908
         m.Preston McElwain

106. (4). John Oliver b 1867
         m.Margaret McElwain

107. (5). Jesse Hinkle b. 1869 d. 1930
         m.Nancy Harmon

108. (6). James Ellis b. 1871 d. 1893
         m.Emma McElwain

109. (7). William Patrick b. 1872 d. 1905
         m.Phoebe Cogar

110. (8). malissa Francena b. 1874 d. 1949
         m.John Morgan Cogar

111. (9). Mary Isabelle b. 1876 d. 1941
         m.Albert Jenkins Cogar

112. (10). Charles Henry b. 1879 d. 1933
         m.Celia Hamon

113. (11). Nellie b. 1881 d. 1881
The 1910 Federal census for Glade District, Webster County WV includes
James Starcher, head, age 52, married 31 years
Rachel Starcher, wife, age 47, married 31 years
Florence Starcher, daughter, age 23
Therman Starcher, son, age 21

Solomon Starcher, head, age 55, married 30 years
Lucinda C. Starcher, wife, age 50, married 30 years
Viola M. Starcher, daughter, age 29
Roy W. Starcher, son, age 23
W. Orval Starcher, son, age 21
Hattie V. Starcher, daughter, age 18
Amy B. Starcher, daughter, age 14

Terry Starcher, head, age 50, married 19 years
Nancy Starcher, wife, age 56, married 19 years
Lanta Starcher, son, age 15

Minter Starcher, head, widower, age 37 (believed to be Minter the son of Jacob P. and Margaret Cogar, not to be confused with Minter the son of James Starcher)
Patrick J. Starcher, son, age 9
Note: The 1910 Census for Va show Nellie and Harry Starcher ( Hattie and Minter's younger children) living with their maternal grandparents Bessie and Charles Moss. in Va. See Sherouse Family Files AT THIS LINK.
Lanty Starcher, head, age 25
Effie Starcher, wife, age 31

Sol Starcher, head, age 35
May Starcher, wife, age 25
Lenna Starcher, daughter, age 5 4/12
Leo Starcher, daughter, age 2 6/12
Glenn Starcher, son, age 5/12
Molena (?) Hamrick, mother in law, age 54
Note: A death certificate referenced below suggests that this Sol Starcher is the son of Terry and Melvina Miller Starcher

Grover C. Starcher, head, age 33
Anna B. Starcher, wife, age 35
Orval C. Starcher, son, age 7
Opel Starcher, daughter, age 6
Ora Starcher, daughter, age 3 3/12
Eula Starcher, daughter, age 6/12

Terry Starcher, head, age 58
Nancy Starcher, wife, age 65
Jennie A. Hamrick, sister in law, age 46

Earl Starcher, head, age 32
Virgie Starcher, wife, age 23
Cecil Starcher, son, age 6
Mannie Starcher, daughter, age 5
Hadon Starcher, daughter, age 3 10/12
Jessie Starcher, son, age 11/12

Sol Starcher, head, age 65
Lucinda Starcher, wife, age 61
Orval Starcher, son, age 30
Hattie Starcher, daughter, age 27
Amy Starcher, daughter, age 23
Kathryn Starcher, granddaughter, age 2 4/12

Starcher, M.M., head, age 73
Archie Starcher, son, age 38
Belle Starcher, daughter in law, age 21
Note: This writer supposes this M.M. Starcher to be Mary Margaret Magdalene Starcher, the widow of Jacob P. Starcher, now living with son Jacob Archibald Starcher and his wife Isabella Given Starcher.

Cec ???? Woods, head, age 60
Mary D. Woods, wife, age 53
Leonddra Woods, son, age 17
Leona J. Woods, son, age 14
Hazel R. Woods, daughter, age 12
Mary J. Starcher, grand daughter, age 11
Melvina Starcher, grand daughter, age 10
Clarence W. Starcher, grand son, age 8
Ralph S. Starcher, grand son, age 4
Leonard G. Starcher, grand son, age 11/12
Note: This writer supposes these Starcher grandchildren to be the children of Leland M. and Alice V. Woods Starcher, although there is no confirmatory evidence as of this writing.

1930 Sol Starcher, head, age 74
Harriat Starcher, wife, age 54
William O. Starcher, son, age 40
Note: A marriage record AT THIS LINK documents the marriage April 21, 1927, of Solomon Starcher, age 71, to Harriett Baughman, age 51, in Webster County WV.

Marriage and death records at the WV Culture and History website document the following marriages and deaths:
Marriage of Jane Starcher, age 46, daughter of Jacob and M. Starcher, married June 14, 1900, to Daniel D. Corbitt, age 44, son of H... Corbitt, record AT THIS LINK.

Marriage of James Starcher, age 21, son of Jacob P. Starcher married on June 1, to 1879 Rachael Stockwell, age 17, daughter of J.C. and Francis Stockwell. Record AT THIS LINK.

Death of J. Floyd Starcher in Glade District, Webster County WV, born December 28, 1882 in Calhoun County WV, died August 31, 1918 (accidental shotgun discharge to the back of the head), son of James Starcher and Loverna Stockwell Starcher. Death reported by Susan Starcher.

Marriage of Solomon Starcher, age 24, son of Jacob and Minerva Starcher, on March 21, 1880, to Lucinda Ward, age 21, daughter of Martha Ward. Record AT THIS LINK. A death certificate AT THIS LINK documents the death in Webster Springs, Fork Lick District, Webster County WV, of Lucinda Kathrine Starcher, born January 27, 1859, died August 7, 1921, mother's maiden name Ward.

Marriage of F.L. McCune, age 31, son of Palser McCune and Samanth Carpenter, on October 11,1886 to Liverna Starcher, age 22, daughter of Jake and Minerva Starcher. Record AT THIS LINK.
Other death records of connection here include
Mary B. Starcher, born August 10, 1899, died August 17, 1900, daughter of Minter and Mattie Starcher. Died in Webster County WV.
Monterey Starcher, born 1892, age 19, died October 11, 1902 (typhoid), son of S. and S.C. Starcher. Died in Webster County WV.
Sylvester S. Starcher, born June 28, 1902, died August 18, 1902, son of Minter and Hattie Starcher. Died in Webster County WV.
Margaret M. Cogar Starcher, born December 17, 1834, died July 20, 1928. Daughter of Arch Cogar. Died in Webster County WV.
Tary Starcher, born July 27, 1861, son of Jacob Starcher and Marva Stalman, born in Calhoun County, died January 30, 1944, age 82, husband of Nancy Hamrick Starcher, informant Lanty Starcher. Died in Webster County WV.
Effie Elbon Starcher, wife of (???) Lanty Starcher, died December 9, 1930 age 69 Died in Webster County WV. This record is a puzzle. Effie Starcher, wife of Lanty Starcher, according to the 1920 census, would have been 41 in 1930, not 69. (????)
Jacob Arch Starcher, born May 6, 1879, son of Jacob Starcher, died December 17. 1949, age 70. Mother's maiden name Edith Given. Died in Webster County WV.
Charles Edward Starcher, born February 17, 1884, son of James Starcher and Loverna Stockwell, died July 3, 1968, age 84. Died in Webster County WV.
Warren George Starcher, born November 24, 1920, son of Lanty Starcher and Effie Elbon, died February 18, 1968, age 47. Died in Webster County WV.
Earl Samuel Starcher, born August 4, 1887, son of Jacob Starcher and Margaret Cogar, died July 22, 1968, age 80. Died in Webster County WV.
Leland Morgan Starcher, born February 23, 1887, son of Terry Starcher and Melvina Miller, died March 23, 1955.
Solomon Franklin Starcher, born October 13, 1884, son of Terry Starcher and Melvina Miller, died March 31, 1959.
Found in the personal effects of Viola Starcher Cogar is this newspaper clipping, reprinted from the Webster Echo, October 17, 1990. (Viola was a first cousin twice removed of Jacob P. Starcher).

From these records, a selected family tree of Jacob P. Starcher is offered AT THIS LINK.

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