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The Calhoun Chronicle, a weekly newspaper published in Grantsville, West Virginia, has for many years published news from various communities. "Daniels Run News" has been an occasional to semi-regular feature. Here are some transcripts. We hope to add more as time and occasion permit.

1930 - 1943

Daniels Run News
April 3, 1930

Mrs. Bertie Price was visiting her daughter, Mrs. Allen Starcher, over the week end.

Greela Nitz, who has been employed at Barberton, Ohio, is visiting friends and relatives of this place.

Mrs. A.N. Nester and daughter, Eva, were calling on Miss Lenore Starcher Sunday evening.

Mrs. Guy Nitz, of Arnoldsburg, was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Rex Maffet, Sunday.

Those who attended Young People's meeting at Sycamore Saturday night were, Miss Beulah Starcher, Mr. and Mrs. Greela Nitz and Holly McCoy.

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Starcher were visiting Jim Boatright Sunday.

Those that were calling at the home of Everett Starcher Sunday were, Mrs. Lovel Allen and children, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller and children.

Holly Miller and Victor Corder were calling on Melvin Starcher Sunday.

Mrs. Rex Maffet and daughter were visiting Mrs. Ralph Maffet Sunday evening.

Miss Beulah Starcher was the Sunday night guest of Mrs. Ralph Maffet.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Booher were seen on our roads Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Greela Nitrz and Miss Beulah Starcher and Holly McCoy were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Carl Starcher Saturday evening.

Slathe Carpenter of Barnes Run was seen on our road Saturday Evening.

Nutter - Starcher
May 29, 1930

Miss Viola Starcher, daughter of Mrs. Mary Starcher and the late T.J. Starcher, of Daniels Run, and Mr. Leonard Nutter, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Nutter, of Rowels Run, and a popular employee of the Hope Natural Gas Company, were quietly married Saturday night, May 17th, by Rev. M.S. Gherke.

The many friends of the contracting parties will join in wishing them much happiness.

Daniels Run News
August 14, 1930

Working the roads seems to be the order of the day.

Mrs. Rex Maffett was calling on Mrs. Ralph Maffett, Friday.

Miss Meryl Craddock was the Friday guest of Glada Maffett.

Miss Vada Stout was shopping at Altizer, Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Starcher and little daughter Leah motored to Hur Thursday and was accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. Holly McCoy.

Mr. And Mrs. Allen Starcher were shopping in Mt. Zion, Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Booher of Barberton, Ohio are visiting friends and relatives of this place.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Starcher and family, of Barberton, Ohio, are visiting relatives of this place.

Miss Thelma and Glen McCoy were seen on our road Saturday evening.

Those calling on Mrs. Arthur Miller Monday were: Mrs. Delbert Starcher and daugheer, Leah Ruth, Mrs. Holly McCoy, Miss Thelma and Nina Starcher.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Starcher and children, Mrs. Holly McCoy and Miss Thelma Starcher motored to Grantsville Sunday.

Mrs. Loud Allen was calling on Mrs. Sam Kelley Monday.

Daniels Run News
April 2, 1931

We are having some bad weather at this writing.

A.J. Nitz, was calling on G.W. Wood, Sunday.

Miss Estle Allen was calling on Misses Ethel and Edna Leach, Sunday.

Joe Stout was calling on Miss Lelah Nitz, Sunday.

Fielden Allen and G.W. Ward are working for the state at this writing.

Leroy Nitz was calling on Foster Nitz, Sunday.

Misses Edna and Ethel Leach were visiting their sister, Mrs. James Harden, of Grantsville, the first of the past week.

Mrs. Ocea Wood was a caller at Arnoldsburg this week.

They are making preparation for a program at the Daniels run school for the last night of school, April 10th.

Giles Allen was calling on Miss Leota Nitz Thursday night.

Otis Nitz and Berlin Crawford attended the meeting at Sand Ridge Monday night.

Hatzel Leach was a regular attendant of the Sand Ridge meeting the past week.

Otis Nitz was calling in Spencer, Sunday.

Daniels Run Items
May 14, 1931

We are having some very cool weather at this writing.

Several of the young folks of this place attended Sunday School at Stony Point Sunday and all reported a fine Sunday School.

Miss Lelah Nitz, who is employed at Harley Lynch's, of Leafbank, was visiting her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Nitz, Sunday.

Miss Elsie Allen, of this place, is employed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T..W. Everson at present.

A.J. Nitz, and J.F. Allen of this place motored to Grantsville, Monday.

Andrew Slider, of Barnes Run, was calling on Miss Ethel Leach, Tuesday evening.

Misses Ethel Leach and Irma Wood were calling on Miss Estel and Elsie Allen, Sunday.

Those calling at the home of Mr. A.J. Nitz, Sunday were Joe Stout, Giles and Tracy Allen, Foster Nitz, Miss Zelma and Murl Nitz, and Miss Mary Starcher.

Mrs. H.M. Keith who has been staying with her daughter, Mrs. G.W. Schoolcraft, left Sunday for Ellenboro, where she will spend the summer with Mr. and Mrs. C .W. Keith.

Woodrow Everson was calling on Miss Elsie Allen Sunday.

Miss Estel Allen was calling on Misses Ethel and Edna Leach, Wednesday.

There will be preaching at the Stony Point church, Sunday, May 17th.

Miss Irma Wood was calling on Miss Leodie Nitz, Friday night.

Mrs. Harriet Barr, of Akron, Ohio, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Lovell Allen.

Some of the Hope men were working at this place Thursday.

Leon Nitz was calling on Tracy Allen Sunday.

Madison Leach, J.F. Allen and A.J. Nitz, are working for the state at present.

Leroy Nitz and brother, Leon, motored to Arnoldsburg, Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Offutt was visiting the latter's parents, Mr. And Mrs. Cause Whytsell, Sunday.

Mrs. Berton Leach and two small children, Denzil and Melva, were calling on Mrs. D. Stalnaker, Wednesday.

Mr. G.W. Wood was calling on Mrs. J.F. Allen, Saturday.

Mrs. D. Nitz was calling on Mrs. A.J. NItz, Saturday.

Daniels Run Items
July 9, 1931

There is prayer meeting at Stony Point every Wednesday night. Every one is welcome.

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Nitz attended the funeral of Mrs. Hannah Stump, of Stumptown, Thursday morning.

Giles Allen worked for Dee Nitz, Friday evening.

Otis Nitz, was a business caller in Spencer, Friday and Saturday.

Ernest Marks, of Leatherbark, was visiting friends here Saturday night and Sunday.

Giles Allen was calling on Miss Leah Nitz, Saturday night and Sunday.

Leroy and Foster Nitz attended the ball game at Altizer, Sunday afternoon.

Everett Allen and family of Spencer, were calling on Dee Niz and family, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dee Nitz, made a special trip to Spencer, Sunday morning.

A.J. Nitz and little daughter, Leona Nitz, were in Spen cer, Saturday morning.

Miss Irma Wood was calling on Miss Zelma Nitz, Sunday.

Earl Crawford was over these roads Sunday.

Harry Cunningham, of Sycamore, was seen on these roads Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn S. Oles and family spent the 4th in Spencer.

Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Hamilton and children were week-end visitors at the home of Mrs. Hamilton's mother, Mrs. Lucy Dodson, of Spencer.

Ronzel Law, who has been employed in Webster Springs for the past few months, spent Saturday and Sunday at his home here.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom McGuire and children were the guests of Mrs. McGuire's father, Dr. L.B. Casto, and family, the past week-end.

Master Frank Barroway, who has been visiting his grandparents, Mr. an d Mrs. Frank Monnie, of Main street, has returned to his home in Newark, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Edinger and little daughter are the guests of Mrs. Edinger's mother, Mrs. Dora Plant, of South Grantsville. Mr. Edinger was formerly director of athletics in Calhoun County High School.

Daniels Run News
February 1932

Misses Ethel and Bethel Boatright and Millie Mace, of Sycamore, spent a few days with Mrs. Delbert Starcher and also attended the revival at Stony Point.

Mrs. Greela Nitz and son, Robert, were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Dee Nitz Sunday.

Mary and Belva Starcher were visiting at Neal Starcher's Sunday.

Victor Starcher was calling on Millie Mace Monday night.

Bud and Rex Boatright attended meeting at Stony Point Wednesday.

There are several cases of chicken pox around in our community.

Misses Reltha Maffet and Estel Starcher spent Wednesday night at the home of Allen Starcher's.

The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Starcher has been real sick. We hope for its recovery.

In Memory
March 17, 1932

The grim rider of death has visited our home and claimed our little infant daughter, Pauline, born January 27, died February 24, 1932. Little Pauline is gone but not forgotten. Gone to join the Angels and we know she is waiting for us on the golden stairs.

Long, long will we miss the little darling. Long long days for thee we will weep and through many a night of sorrow, memory will thy angels keep.
We wish to thank the many friends for their kindness during the sickness and death of our little one.

Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Starcher

Daniels Run
March 10, 1932

Irma Woods was the Sunday guest of Miss Zelma Nitz.

Rich Slider was calling on Ethel Leach Saturday night and Sunday.

Mrs. Holly McCoy and son, Ray, were visiting the former's grandmother, Mrs. Bertie Price, of Cabin Run a few days last week.

Mrs. Allen Starcher was the Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Starcher.

Victor Corder and Miss Erma Anderson were quietly married Sunday. We wish them much joy.

Mrs. Bessie Starcher and daughter Mary, were the guests of Mrs. Allen Starcher Saturday night.

H.M. Maffet has traded for a fine pair of mules.

Miss Retha Maffet was visiting home folks over the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Greela Nitz and little son, Robert Dale, were the guests of Mrs. Allen Starcher over the week end.

Mrs. And Mrs. Rex Maffett and daughter, Madeline, were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Maffett Saturday night and Sunday.

Mrs. Delbert Starcher and Mary Starcher were shopping at T.W. Everson's Saturday.

Daniels Run News
June 30, 1932

Our Sunday School at Cabin Ridge is progressing nicely. We meet at 2:30 p. m. and also have prayer meeting every Sunday night. Everybody welcome.

Mr. and Mrs. Orville Leach and small son, Donald Ray were visiting the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Madison Leach Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Everson and son, Woodrow, and Elsie and Sylvia Allen motored to Phillips Run Sunday evening.

Giles Allen was calling on Miss Leo- Nitz Sunday.

Miss Irma Wood was visiting Miss Ethel and Elsie Allen Monday.

Mrs. A.L. Nitz and small daughter, Leah, was calling on Mrs. D. Nitz Tuesday evening.

Mrs. D. Nitz was visiting her son, Greely Nitz, of Cabin Ridge, Tuesday.

Several Folks from this place attended prayer meeting at Stony Point Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Mason, of Brooksville were seen on our roads Wednesday.

Madison Leach was looking after business affairs in Grantsville Thursday.

Edward Vannoy of Millstone, was seen on our roads Friday.

Misses Mary and Belma Starcher were in this vicinity Friday.

J.F. Allen was looking after business affairs in Mt. Zion Saturday.

The Rev. Harrison Marks will preach at the Cabin Ridge schoolhouse Saturday night, July 9th.

Daniels Run Items
January 1935

There was a car load of the C.C.C. boys in for the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Giles Allen and son, Dween, were calling on Mrs. Allen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Nitz, over the week end.

Mrs. G.W. Woods was calling on Mrs. Arthur Offutt Saturday.

Han Maffett and son, Ralph, were shopping at T.W. Everson's Saturday.

Madison Leach was shopping at Arnoldsburg, Saturday.

A.J. Nitz was calling at Grantsville, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley Starcher were calling on Mrs. Starcher's parents, Sunday and Monday.

Those calling on Mr. and Mrs. Madison Leach, Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Slider, and Mr. and Mrs. Orval Leach and two small children, Donald and Ruby.

Mrs. Ferris Barr and daughter Louise, Murl Nitz, Rose Maffett and Irene Allen were seen on Daniels Run, Sunday.

Joe Stout was calling on Miss Lelah Nitz over the week end.

Miss Edna Leach was calling on her sister, Mrs. Ethel Slider, Sunday and Monday.

Walter Jackson, Paul Leach, Fay Wood and Holly Allen were calling on Leon Nitz, Sunday.

Woodrow Everson was calling on Miss Elsie Allen, Sunday.

Miss Leoma Nitz was calling on Arlona Woods Monday night.

H. M. Maffett and Lovel Allen were calling on J.F. Allen Tuesday.

Ernest Marks was calling at A.J. Nitz's Tuesday.

John Arthur and family are moving on the Bush farm on Millstone.

Jud Nitz was hauling corn for Ferris Barr, Thursday.

Bernice Starcher is absent from high school on the account of illness.

There is several absent from the Daniels Run school on account of illness.

Daniels Run News
July 30, 1936

Mrs. A.N. Nester and daughter, Eva, were shopping at Altizer, Tuesday evening.

Miss Ethel Smith was calling on her brother, Otho Smith, Sunday.

Mrs. Beulah McCoy has been staying with Mrs. N.D. Starcher, who has been on the sick list for some time.

Mrs. John Harris and Bethel Boatright were calling on their sister, Mrs. Delbert Starcher, Monday.

Miss Retha Maffrett, of Barberton, Ohio, has been visiting her father, H.M. Maffett, for the past two weeks.

Roy Starcher, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs. Hayes Pedkins, of Richwood, returned home one day last week.

Victor Starcher, who was visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Starcher the past week returned to the CCC camp at Richwood where he has been employed for some time.

Mrs. Allen Starcher and grand-children, Ray and Paula Mae McCoy, were calling on her daughter, Mrs. Greela Nitz, Tuesday.

Charles Booher was calling on Lenora Craddock Friday evening.

Mrs. Otha Smith and Mrs. Frank Murphy were calling on Mrs. Rex Maffett Tuesday evening.

Willie Slider was calling at the home of Allen Starcher Saturday evening.

Mrs Farris Barr, Sunday School teacher took the children in her class on a picnic down to the Bickel farm, near Parkersburg, Saturday. All report a good time.

Allen Starcher and daughter, Beulah, were calling on friends in Grantsville, Wednesday.

We are having a good Sunday School at Stony Point with large attendance. Everybody come.
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