Speculation Regarding Family Connections Between the Booher and Hopkins Families

There is some evidence from letters that Clara Norman was introduced to Thomas Alexander Hopkins via Clara's uncle Peter Booher. Transcripts of letters from the turn of the century are in the possession of descendants of Clara Norman Hopkins, and have been published on the subscription service ancestry.com. In one such letter, Thomas Hopkins goes so far as to refer Peter Booher as "Uncle Peter."

It is speculated that Clara Norman and Thomas Alexander Hopkins were second cousins.

This is based on speculation that Margaret Booher and Elizabeth Booher were sisters of Jacob Booher.

1) The key document is a copy of a marriage record from January 1826 in Lewis County VA (now, Calhoun County West Virginia) documenting the marriages of George Conoly to Margaret Booher, and William Longfitt to Elizabeth Booher, available at the West Virginia archives.

It is speculated that Margaret and Elizabeth Booher were sisters of Jacob Booher, thus aunts of Asenath Booher and Peter Booher.

It is speculated that this George Conoly is the George Connolly who is the father of Emma Amelia Connolly, wife of Thomas Bartlett Hopkins, and thus the grandfather of Thomas Alexander Hopkins. Margaret Booher Connolly would be Thomas Hopkins grandmother.

Thus, Thomas Bartlett Hopkins, Peter Booher, and Asenath Booher would all be first cousins, sharing grandparents Peter and Elizabeth Kinser Booher.

Peter Booher and Asenath Norman would be a first cousins once removed to Thomas Alexander Hopkins. Being a generation separate, it would not be surprising that Peter would be referred to as "Uncle Peter."

And this would make Clara Norman and Thomas Alexander Hopkins second cousins, sharing great grandparents Peter and Elizabeth Kinser Booher.

2) The marriages of Peter Booher/Catharine Hamrick and Emma Amelia Connolly/Thomas Bartlett Hopkins occurred the same date, the same place, officiated by the same minister, record available at the West Virginia archives.

This suggests that this was a double wedding. Double weddings often occurred when members of the same families were wed. Peter Booher was a first cousin of Amelia Connolly (if this speculation is correct).

3) William Langfitt: In the Asenath Booher Norman pension file papers, her initial pension application in 1879 is witnessed and signed by William Langfitt. Nearly all the witnesses/signatures on these documents are relatives of Asenath. Until now, this writer has been unable to connect William Langfitt to Asenath. However, if this theory is correct, William Langfitt, age 72 in 1879, was the uncle of Asenath, age 37 in 1879.

4) William Langfitt's daughter, Jemima Langfitt Booher, was living next door to Jacob Booher in the 1850 census, suggesting that there was a family connection.

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