Notes on Ruth Ice Everson, Bertie Everson Duvall Price, and William Galloway "Indian Billy" Ice

Oral family history tells us that the descendants of Allen Brown Starcher may claim "Indian Billy Ice" as an ancestor, through the Eversons, Ruth Ice Everson, Bertie Everson Duvall Price and her daughter Icie Mae Duvall.

William Galloway "Indian Billy" Ice was born in 1730 in Hampshire County VA, in what would now be the area of the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. An internet search of the term "Indian Billy Ice" will return a multitude of pages documenting his life and legend. In short, when William was about 10, while his father Frederick and older brother John were away from the home, his home was raided by Indians (Mohawk, Delaware, Shawnee -- accounts vary). Mary, the mother, was killed and William and two sisters - Mary and Margaret - were taken captive.

The two sisters assimilated into Indian society. Some have speculated that Mary became the wife of Pucksinwah, a Shawnee chief, and became the mother of Tecumseh and his 6 brothers and sisters. This claim is made by some and doubted by many.

After about 5-10 years of captivity, William escaped from the Indians. He is said to have traveled to Europe, become an Indian fighter, a soldier in the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary war, an explorer, scout, and interpreter.

The family tree attached to this document indicates one wife - Margaret Higganbotham. Other sources indicate that he had perhaps three other wives, and perhaps 16 children.

William's father remarried and in 1767 settled in a location which became known as Ice's Ferry near Morgantown WV. Ice's Ferry is now under water - covered by Cheat Lake when the Cheat River Dam became operational in 1926.

Indian Billy died at the age of 96 at his home on Ice's Run, Buffalo Creek, Barrackville, Monongalia County, Virginia (present day Marion County, West Virginia). He is buried in the Ice Cemetery, Barrackville, West Virginia.

The family tree attached to this document is constructed from information found on the internet at, a site.

The line runs as follows:
Frederick Iaac was born in 1680 in Holland-Germany.
William Galloway "Indian Billy" Ice (Frederick ) born 1 Apr 1730 in Hampshire Co., Va.
Abraham "Lame Abe" Ice born in 1781.
Thomas Ice born January 13, 1808 in Monongalia Co, Va.
Ruth Ice born about 1843 in Marion County, WV.

A biographical sketch of Thomas Ice, father of Ruth Ice Everson, 3-great grandfather of this writer, is found on the internet AT THIS LINK:

Thomas Ice, Sr was born January 11, 1808 in W. Va, and died January 24, 1896 in Clinton, KS. He married Sarah E. Watson November 11, 1831 in West Virginia. She was born October 17, 1807 in W. Va, and died April 15, 1900 in Clinton, KS. He married Sarah E Watson November 17, 1831.

Information for this lineage is taken from Thomas's bible, now in the hands of his grandaughter's family, Dr. Sallie Ice Nebius, of Denver, Colorado. Therefore, the information is, without a doubt, accurate, and may be confirmed with the 1850 Marion County census of West Virginia, Page 212. Descendant's information past the original entries into Thomas's bible are from each of the families.

Originally living in Marion County not far from Farmington, Thomas and his wife bought one of the farms allowed to Abraham from Indian Billy's court case located on East Run, east of Mannington. Thomas sold the farm to sister Ruth, along with her husband, George Watson, in 1853. Barbour County's 1860 census shows Thomas, Sarah, Ruth, Thomas, Jr., John, and Levina, all living near Phillipi. George W Ice and his family is also listed, along with Daniel and Mary and their families.

Some of the early battles of the Civil War were fought close to Thomas's front door. Companies of soldiers of both sides were constantly passing by. They would leave worn horses, taking food and powder and fresh horses without so much as a by your leave. Thomas was eventually accused by the North of harboring rebels, and forcibly taken on a march to Richmond, but the soldiers, assuming he was guilty, decided to forego the trial for a healthy hanging.

As the noose made it way to his neck, rebel soldiers came upon the scene and dispersed the yanks in short order. Unable to go home, Thomas hid in the wood not one-quarter mile from home. He spent the winter under an outcropping, his wife and Thomas, Jr. bringing food and clothes. Union soldiers, bent on finding him, tried to get Thomas, Jr. to divulge his wherabouts by scarring his neck with repeated knife wounds, but to no avail. Thomas Sr. was never taken. Both bore the scars of the noose and knife.

Moving further into the southern territory, near Hightown, Highland County, Va, they lived in peace throughout the remaining war years. Settling of a farm near Crab Bottom, their neighbors, a family named Folks, had a daughter Eliza, who eventually married Thomas, Jr (see below).

After the war Thomas Sr and family moved back to Barbour County in Barker Township, near Belington. The 1870 census lists Thomas's family along with son Daniel and his family. Rebecca, Thomas's sister, is also listed.

Thomas bought a Grist Mill on Little Sandy Creek, near Eby. He sold it in 1886, moving to Kansas in 1890 to live with Thomas, Jr. on a farm in Douglas County. One blizzardy day, Thomas, Jr. found the minister on his horse, riding in circles between the farm and Topeka!

Photo found on the subscription service
An history regarding Thomas Ice, Jr., regarding the family named Folks in Virginia, is found on the subscription service
When Tom Sr. moved his family deeper into southern territory, they settled near Hightown, Virginia in a small place called Crabbottom. Their neighbors were a family named the Folks. The men were away fighting in the Civil war. Thomas Ice Jr helped the family of 5 girls being taken care of by the oldest girl age 11. He and his siblings helped with the farming and farm chores. Eliza the middle girl was to become his wife. The head of this family, Adam, born 1805, died during the Civil war. His wife Mary Margaret White died at age 33 shortly after the birth of thier 6th child in 1850. The children born of this union are: William, born 1838, died at the age of 12 from wounds of the war Nellie born 1841, at the tender age of 11 was left in charge of the family of 5 grils Sue, born 1843, was just 7 when her mother died Eliza, born 1843, was just 5 at this time Mary, only two was born in 1848; Catherine was born in 1850

Thomas Ice soon learned the fate of his neighbors and did all he could to ease their burden. Eliza at age 20 became his wife, sisters Mary and Catherine married and moved away. Nellie and Sue never married but lived with Tom and Eliza helping out with the growing Ice family.

Tom was a small man, only 5 feet tall weighing about 120 pounds. He always wore a large chin beard to cover the knife wound scars he suffered at the hands of the Union soldiers. In later years his beard was white, how ever he chewed tobacco most of his life so it became stained from spit. He was a champion checker player.

Tom and Eliza had 10 children. They moved from Virginia to Kansas in 1870, settling in Douglas County in the Stull area. They were typical early day pioneers.

Ruth Ice, daughter of Thomas Ice, married Thomas H. Everson (Thomas Hart Benton Everson) on November 23, 1865 in Barbour County, WV. Thomas was born about 1845 in Barbour County, WV.

The Everson page at Don Norman's Family file indicates:
Thomas Hart Benton Everson was born December 28, 1840 and died in Calhoun County WV March 9, 1909. He married Ruth Ice. Ruth, a daughter of Daniel Ice, was born March 10, 1843.

Children of Thomas Hart Benton and Ruth (Ice) Everson.

2. (1). Melissa b.Jan 15 1878 d.Feb 17 1939
            m. Francis Marion Wilmoth Mar 20 1897

3. (2). John b.Oct 1870
            m. Mary D. --------

4. (3). E. Asa "Ace" b.May 13 1880 d.Jul 30 1901 (Believed to be in error)
            m. Zilla A. -----

5. (4). Gilbert b.Feb 1883

6. (5). Bertie
            m. ------ Price

7. (6). Sarah
            m.------ Workman

8. (7). Thomas Watson
A discrepancy is noted in passing - - Don Norman lists the father of Ruth Ice as Daniel Ice, while the site lists Thomas Ice as the father (as does Victor Starcher). An image of the actual death record of Ruth Ice Everson is available online AT THIS LINK, indicating the date of her death as July 13, 1929, aged 86 years, 4 months, and 10 days. Her parents were listed as Thomas Ice and Elizabeth Watson, information given by John Everson.

There is a genealogy of Thomas H.B. Everson on the subscription service indicating the parents of T.H.B. Everson to be Eli Everson and Sarah Elizabeth Sally Dunn.

An excerpt from the book, "Union and Confederate Soldiers and Sympathizers of Barbour County, West Virginia," by John W. Shaffer, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore Maryland, 2005, includes the following notation:
EVERSON, Thomas Hart Benton Enlisted Co. C, 3rd Va. State Line; re-enlisted Co. D, 19th Va. Cav. 3-8-63; transf to Co. B, 20th Va. Cav. 3/17/63; on rolls to 10-31-64. Farmer; $1,000/200 (parents); b. Fayette Co., Pa. 1840; came to Barbor 1850's from Harrison Co., W.Va; m. Ruth Ice 1865; moved to Calhoun Co., W.Va. after 1880 where d. 1909. Son of Eli and Elisabeth (Dunn) Everson; Father b. Westmoreland Co., Pa., settled Harrison Co. 1848, then Barbour 1850's; grandson of Nathaniel and Elisabeth (Nash) Everson of Chester Co., Pa.
Thomas Hart Benton Everson is mentioned in the document "Some Civil War Soldiers of Calhoun County".
EVERSON, Thomas H. B., (E.), Co. C, Virginia State Line. Private Co. D, 19th Virginia Cavalry. Born 28 Dec. 1840. Enlisted Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., W.Va., 8 Mar. 1863. Not stated if present or absent on muster-in-roll dated March 1863. Served in Co. B, 20th Virginia Cavalry. Not stated if present or absent on muster-in-roll dated 25 July 1863. Present 1 Nov. 1863-31 Aug. 1864 (dated 6 Jan 1865). Clothing issued 31 Mar. 1864. Present 1 Sep. 1864-31 Oct. 1864 (dated 30 Dec. 1864), entitled to $100 bond. Died 9 Mar. 1908. Buried Sturm Cemetery, Calhoun Co., W.Va. C.S.A.
His death record is online AT THIS LINK, indicating date of death as March 9, 1909, aged 68 years, 2 months, 11 days.

Eli and Elisabeth Everson, parents of Thomas H.B. Everson (3-great grandparentes of this writer). Photograph taken from the subscription service

Victor Starcher, great-grandson of Ruth Ice Everson, had specific memory of staying in the home of Ruth Ice Everson as a young boy -- her home being a log cabin in Calhoun County with Ruth preferring to cook on the fireplace rather than the kitchen stove.

The 1860 Federal census for Philippi, Barbour County Virginia includes...
Eli Everson, age 52
Elizabeth Everson, age 40
Charles N. Everson, age 21
Thomas H. Everson, age 19
Mary J. Everson age, 17
William D. Everson, age 15
Eliza J. Everson, age 13
David C. Everson, age 11
Lewis ? Everson, age 8
Martha E. Everson, age 6
Lucinda A. Everson, age 3
James B. Everson, age 1
The 1870 Federal census for Philippi Township, Barbour Co WV, available at the subscription service, includes the following information for the Thomas Everson Family:
Thomas H.B. Everson, age 29, born in Pennsylvania
Ruth Everson, wife, age 27
Sarah E. Everson, age 3
Birdie J. Everson, age 2
The 1880 Federal census for Philippi District, Barbour County WV, available at the subscription service, includes the following listing for the Thomas Everson family:
Thomas B. Everson, age 39
Ruth Everson, age 37, wife
Sarah E. Everson, age 13, daughter
Bertie J. Everson, age 12, daughter
John N. Everson, age 9, son
Thomas W. Everson, age 7, son
Asa E. Everson, age 5, son
Priscilla M. Everson, age 2, daughter
Aquilla A. Everson, age 1/12, son
John Wilmoth, age 21, servant

Of note, the Everson family is listed on the original document adjacent several Wilmoth families, including Riley and Margaret Wilmoth (see below). An image of the actual census record is avaiable AT THIS LINK.
Birth records indicate...
Priscilla Everson, b. January 15, 1877, daughter of Thomas H.B. Everson and Ruth Everson. Image AT THIS LINK.

Aquilla Everson, b. 9/18/1880, daughter of Thomas H.B. Everson and Melissa Everson. This is thought to be in error. The mother's name on the next line down on this record is Ruth.

Gilbert Everson, b. 1883, son of Thomas H.B. and Ruth Everson, record AT THIS LINK.
The 1900 Calhoun County WV census includes the family of Thomas H.B. and Ruth Everson, available online AT THIS LINK.
EVERSON, 35-36
Thomas H. B...Head...WM...Dec 34 yrs...Farmer...PA PA PA
Ruth...Wife...WF...Mar 1842...58...8/8...WV WV PA
Watson...Son...WM...Feb 1873...27...Farm Laborer...WV PA WV
Equilla A...Son...WM...May 1880...20...Farm Laborer...WV PA WV
Gilbert F...Son...WM...Feb 1883...17...Farm Laborer...WV PA WV
DUVALL, Icie M...Gr-dau...WF...Sep 1888...11...OH WV WV
NITZ, Dee...Svt...WM...Feb 1880...20...Farm Laborer...WV PRU WV
The 1910 Federal census for Calhoun County WV, available at the subscription service, lists...
Ruth Everson, head, widow, age 67.
The 1920 Federal census for Lee District, Calhoun County WV, available at the subscription service, lists...
Ruth Everson, head of houshold, widow, age 76
Benton R. Wilmoth, grandson, age 15, living with Ruth Everson
Of note, on both the above census records, the information for Ruth Everson is recorded on the form adjacent to the listing for Thomas W. "Watt" Everson, a son of Ruth Ice Everson, suggesting that Ruth and her son Thomas "Watt" Everson lived very close by to one another.

In regards to Benton R. Wilmoth, the Everson page at Don Norman's family files indicates that the 15 year old grandson, Benton R. Wilmoth, living with Ruth Everson in 1920, is the son of Francis Marion and Melissa (Everson) Wilmoth. As the census record above indicates, the families of Francis Marion Wilmoth and Thomas Everson had been (presumably) neighbors in Barbour County.

Additional notes on the Francis Marion Wilmoth family are available AT THIS LINK.

Ruth Ice Everson died July 13, 1929, age 86 years, 4 mo, 10 days. The death record, available AT THIS LINK, indicates her parents to be Thomas Ice and Elizabeth Watson, death reported by John Everson. As noted above, her husband Thomas H.B. Everson died March 9, 1909. They are both buried in the Sturm Cemetery, located at the south end of Mt Zion ridge in Calhoun County WV, at the top of Millstone Hill. An image of the grave marker is available here.

A photograph of Ruth Ice Everson with the Wilmoth family is available AT THIS LINK.

Bertie Everson, daughter of Thomas H. and Ruth Ice Everson, was born March 1868 (Note: Her death record indicates she died 7/3/1948 at age 80 years, 3 months, 22 days, which would put her birth in March 1868). She married John Duvall. John Duvall is indicated as the father of their daughter Icie Mae Duvall on the death record of Icie Mae Starcher, AT THIS LINK.

Marriage records available online AT THIS LINK document the marriage on November 25, 1887 in Calhoun County WV of John W. Duvall, age 35, occupation clerk, born in Belmont County Ohio, son of Gustav.. W. Duvall and Rosanna Duvall to Berta Jane Everson, age 20, daughter of Thomas H.B. Everson. (Note that this marriage is incorrectly indexed at the WV Vital Records website as John W Dewall and Berta June Everson). A reformatted image of this record is available AT THIS LINK.

Marriage records found on the subscription service include the following: Duvall, Gustivus W. married to Woodburn, Rosanna 26 Sept 1841, Belmont County Ohio. No other record of this couple has been found by this writer. These names do match the names of the parents of John W. Duval as noted on the marriage record noted above.

Bertie was 20 when she gave birth to Icie on September 7, 1888. No record of any other child produced by this couple has been found. Victor Starcher indicates that Icie was the only child of John Duvall and Bertie Everson. Her death record indicates Icie's place of birth as Ritchie County, while the 1900 Federal census lists her place of birth as Ohio.

The marriage of John W. Duvall (DeVaul) and Bertie Everson ended sometime prior to 1895.

In regards to John W. Duvall (DeVaul)...

...he was reported to have been born in Belmont County Ohio. The 1880 Census records for Martins Ferry, Belmont County Ohio, includes the following listing:
Sarena Archibold, age 40, widow, born in Maryland, mother and father born in Germany
Daniel Archibold, age 25, stepson, born in New York, father born in D.C.
Edward Archibold, age 11, son, born in Ohio, father born in Md, mother born in Germany
Walter Archibold, age 3, son, born in Ohio, father born in Md, mother born in Germany
John W. Duvall, age 31, living in that household, widower, a photographer, born in Ohio, father born in Md.
It is not known if this is the same John W. Duvall.

Marriage records at the West Virginia Archives document the marriage in Wetzel County WV, October 11, 1902 of John W. DeVaul, born in Belmont Co. Ohio, current residence Wetzel county, to Wilmina Noland, born in Monroe Co. Ohio. (Note: the spelling of the last name begins to vary from Duvall to DeVaul). To this union was born Blanche DeVaul in 1903 and Irene DeVaul in 1905.

Of particular note, the obituary of Icie May Duvall Starcher lists sisters (would all have been half-sisters), including Irene Duvall of Michigan and Mrs. Blanch Sharp of New Martisville.

Irene DeVaul was born 14 Jul, 1905. Marriage records at the WV Archive indicates her marriage 14 December 1920 to James William Burrough. To this union were born James R Burrough and William E. Burrough. The 1930 census for Wetzel County WV indicates Irene I Burroughs, divorced, living in the home of her mother Wilamina Devaul, with sons James R. Burroughs and Billie E. Burroughs.

Blanche DeVaul is known to have married Richard Wilbur Custer in 1920. To this union were born George Howard Custer and Helen Custer. Blanche DeVaul Custer married Arlie Glen Sharp in 1948. Blanche Mae DeVaul Sharp died April 19, 1986 in New Martinsville WV. Her obituary indicates parents at John W. and Wilmina Teamon DeVaul. The 1910 Federal Census for Wetzel Co WV indicates Mina Noland as a widow, head of the household which includes sons Albert, Frank and Sherman Noland, daughter (son?) Marion Noland, and daughters Blanche and Irene Devaul. This would be evidence that perhaps John W. DeVaul died between 1906 and 1910.

Douments regarding John W. Duvall (DeVaul) are collected AT THIS LINK.

Bertie married William P. Price on August 11, 1895. An image of the marriage record is online AT THIS LINK. Bertie was 27, William was 41. Bertie was noted on this record as divorced, William was noted as a widower. The father of William P. Price was noted as William Bethany Price. Both William P. and Bertie were noted to have been born in Barbour County.

William P. Price's first wife was Catherine A. Booth. They were married May 7, 1878 in Barbour County WV. William was 25, Catherine was 21. An image of this marriage record is available AT THIS LINK.

Douments regarding John W. Duvall (DeVaul) are collected AT THIS LINK.

Bertie Jane Everson Price

William Peter Price

Bertie was 30 when she gave birth to Melva Ruth Price by her second husband, William P. Price, on September 14, 1898. The image of the record of this birth is online AT THIS LINK. Of note, Bertie's middle name is given as Jane on this record. Victor Starcher, grandson of Bertie Price, noted that Bertie and William Price had five daughters together. Bertie died 7/3/1948. An image of her death record is available AT THIS LINK.

The 1880 Census listing for the William Price family, Lee District, Calhoun County WV, available at the subscription service, includes...
William Price, age 27
Catherine Price, age 23
Joseph Henry, age 18, servant
George W. Price, boarder, age 29, physician
The 1900 Calhoun County Federal Census has the following listing for the Price household:
PRICE, 152-154
William P...Head...WM...Oct 4 yrs...Farmer...WV WV WV
Bertie J...Wife...WF...Mar 1868...32...3/3...WV WV WV
Bernard H...Son...WM...Sep 1880...19...Farm Laborer...WV WV WV
Stella B...Dau...WF...Nov 1883...16...WV WV WV
Gracie M...Dau...WF...Aug 1886...13...WV WV WV
Sarah E...Dau...WF...Jul 1889...10...WV WV WV
Ross A...Dau...WF...May 1896...4...WV WV WV
Melva R...Dau...WF...Sep 1898...1...WV WV WV
Of note, birth records for Burnard, Stella, Gracie, and Sarah indicate the mother to be Catherine A. Booth. The birth record of Melva Ruth indicates Bertie as her mother. No record of birth of Ross A. has been found (Note: this is Rosa A. Price); of note, her date of birth is given on the census as May 1896, nine months after the marriage of William P. and Bertie Price. As noted above, Victor Starcher, grandson of Bertie Duvall Price, noted that Bertie and William Price had five daughters together, and noted that there were four children by William Price's first marriage.

The 1910 Census listing for the William Price family, available at the subscription service, includes...

William P. Price, head, age (?), married 14 yrs
Bertie Price, age (?), married 14 yrs, mother of 6 children, 6 children living
Rosa A. Price, age 13
Melvy R. Price, age 11
Willa P. Price, age 8
Bertha J. Price, age 6
Dora E. Price, age 4
This would seem to be evidence that the five daughters of William P. and Bertie Price were Rosa A., Melva (Melvy) R, Willa P., Bertha J., and Dora E.

The 1920 census indicates...
William R. Price, head, age 67
Bertie J. Price, age 52
Rosa A. Price, daughter, age 24
Dora E. Price, daughter, age 14

Of note, this particular census page also contains listings for

Burnard H. Price, head, age 39
Clarkia (?) Price, wife, age 37
Lettie Price, daughter, age 13
Ruby Price, daughter, age 11

Lewis Price, head, age 62
Lucy Price, wife, age 62
Luiza Price, daughter, age 25
Coy Price, son, age 21
The 1930 census indicates...
Bertie Price, head, age 62

Of note, this particular census page also contains listings for

Lewis (Lo...) Price, head, age 71
Lucy Price, wife, age 70
L..... Price, daughter, age 37

Charley Price, head, age 35
Maggie Price, wife, age 34
Rosy (?) Price, daughter, age 14
Oral Price, son, age 8
Oris Price, son, age 7
Jewell Price, daughter, age 5
Thelma Price, daughter, age 2 3/12
Ruby Price, daughter, age ?/12

Grandma Price

Bertie Everson Duvall Price died 7/3/1948 at age 80 years, 3 months, 22 days. Of note, the information on her death record was reported by Woodrow Everson. Woodrow is the son of Thomas Watson "Watt" Everson, and would have been the nephew of Bertie.

William P. Price died 12/25/1925. His death certificate image AT THIS LINK indicates his date of birth to be 10/27/1852, birthplace appears to be Illinois (?), father William, mother's maiden name to be Price, and the death information given by B.H. Price (Bernard H, son?).

Bertie and William P. are buried at the Liberty Hill Cemetery.
This copy of a copy of a photo has made its way into the hands of this writer. It is believed that standing in the front, the second person from the right, is William Peter Price. Next to him is believed to be Bertie Everson Price. The other people in the picture remain unidentified.

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 1/23/1969.

Liberty Hill Had Its Own Little Red Schoolhouse
By Mrs. Rosa Minney

Note: Mrs. Minney, a long time subscriber to The Chronicle has enjoyed the many historical items about Calhoun County and its people and has provided this account of the Liberty Hill settlement.

My parents, Mr. and Mrs. William P. Price, lived at the head of Cabin Run. I was born and lived there until I was married.

I don't think there are many people that would remember the red schoolhouse on Liberty Hill. Before I tell you what I know about it, I will go back and tell you some things that were told to be about the hill.

My grandfather, William Price, moved from Barbour county to Calhoun county in the year of 1880 and settled on a farm near the head of Mushroom. His farm extended upon a hill to the Cabin Run road. There are crossroads on this hill, one road going down Cabin Run, another down Letherbark, and other down Jesses Run, and the other down Mushroom toward Arnoldsburg.

Grandfather's farm didn't reach the crossroads. There was a small strip of land between. Some years later Grandfather gave a lot on this hill for a cemetery and an acre of ground for a schoolhouse and playground for the school children. Between the school lot and cemetery he gave a lot for a church, but no church was built on that lot.

At that time there was an old log house there. I remember very little about the house, but I well remember the pile of stones on the playground from the chimney of the old house. I think the house was torn down about the time they built the schoolhouse.

My father said he gave the hill its name. He thought it resembled a hill in Barbour County by the name of Mt. Liberty.

After Grandfather died his farm was sold to Uncle Billy Davis and his sons Charley and John.

The School

There was a schoolhouse near the head of Letherbark on the K. L. Whytsell farm. It was up the road a distance and on the opposite side of the road from the K. L. Whytsell home. My half brother, Bernard Price, and my three half sisters, went there to school. The school there was discontinued and a new schoolhouse built a mile or so on down Letherbark. I think it was built a little before the one on the hill was built.

I remember Arthur Wilson taught a school in an old log house on the hill where the Cabin Run road starts down the hill. Lonzo Wilson built home and lives on the site at the present time.

It was in the year of 1901 or 1902, when the first schoolhouse was built on Liberty Hill. I think it was 1902. It was 20 feet wide and 30 feet long and painted red inside and out. Some called it the red schoolhouse on the hill.

If I remember right, Bernard Price taught the first school in that house. Then the next year Arthur Wilson taught, and the next year after Arthur's school, Susie Ferrell from Roane county taught. (A year later Susie married Bernard Price.) the next two years after Susie taught Arthur Wilson taught, then the next year, which was the fall of 1907, Vena Stump taught. She was from Sycamore or Rush Run, or somewhere over there. On the first day of her school, Arthur Wilson was buried in the cemetery there. He died of typhoid fever. The next year, Ralph Morford from Spencer taught there, and the next year after that Mattie Sharps from Sycamore taught. If I remember right, it was six weeks before her school would close that the school house burnt down.

I was at school the day of fire. When one of the boys told Miss. Sharps the schoolhouse was on fire she told us all to get our wraps, books and dinner pails, and go outside. There were no houses on the hill at that time. My parents' home was the nearest one. Lelah Whytsell and I got permission from the teacher to run into my home and call for help. When we got back the roof had fallen in and the whole inside was in flames. Some people came but nothing could be done to save the house. The bell on the roof fell down on the steps and broke. I think everything inside was saved, even the seats, which were homemade and didn't fasten to the floor.

The next two winters some of the scholars went to the Jesse's Run school, some to Arnoldsburg, some to Beech, and some to Letherbark. I went to Letherbark.

It was the year of 1912 when they build a new schoolhouse on Liberty Hill. The other one burnt in 1910. The new house was the same size as the other one. It was built 30 feet farther away from the cemetery, and was painted white, inside and out.

George Hamilton from Grantsville taught the school that winter. That year the schoolbooks were changed, so we had a new schoolhouse, new books, and I might say a new teacher. The next winter, George's brother, Victor, taught part of the term, and C. J. Gainer of Arnoldsburg finished it. The year after that the Fred McCoy taught, and after that Orpha Spencer from Roane county taught a year, and the next year Denon Minney from Russett taught.

I am afraid I can't give the names of the teachers that taught from Denon down until the school there was discontinued, but there were several of them.

The old schoolhouse is still standing but is now called the Liberty Hill Chapel. It was taken over for a chapel, the church a lot was fenced in with the cemetery. There are now three houses at the crossroads and another a short distance away.

Obituary from The Calhoun Chronicle, July 23, 1948

Mrs. Bertie J. Price, age 80, of Letherbark, died at her home Friday evening July 2, after an extended illness of about two years.

Mrs. Price was a daughter of the late Thomas H. Benton Everson and wife Ruth Ice Everson and was born in Barbour county, March 11, 1868.

In her early teens she was baptized and received into the Mouse run Christian church in Barbour county. Later the family moved to Calhoun county and she with other members of her family brought letters from their home church in Barbour and became charter members of the early Millstone church of Christ still claiming her home in that church the remainder of her life.

In 1887 she was united in marriage to John Duvall. To this union one child was born, Icy Duvall.

Having been widowed later she was again married. This time in 1895 to W. P. Price, who had also lost his companion. To this union five daughters were born, as follows:

Rosa Ada Price, Melva Ruth Price, Willa Pearl Price, Bertha Jane Price, and Dora Ellen Price.

Her husband, W. P. Price, "Uncle Bill" as he was known, also their daughter, Mrs. Bertha J. Price Hall preceded her in death.

Those left to mourn her passing are five daughters as follows:

Mrs. Icy Duvall Starcher, Daniels Run; Mrs. Rosa Price Minney, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Mrs. Melva Price Wagoner, Letherbark; Mrs. Pearl Price Laughlin, Beech; Mrs. Dora Price Carpenter, Letherbark. One step son and three step daughters, B. H. Price, Letherbark; Mrs. Stella Price Wilson, Letherbark; Mrs. Gracie Price Wallbrown, Letherbark; Mrs. Betty Price Rice, Holloway, O. Thirty-four grandchildren, eighteen step-grandchildren and a large number of great-grandchildren.

One sister and three brothers survive: Mrs. Sarah Workman, Rosedale; John Everson, Belpre, Ohio; T.W. Everson, Millstone: Gilbert Everson, Barberton, Ohio; and many other relatives and friends.

Two brothers and one sister preceded her in death.

Aunt Bertie as she was livingly known among her many friends, was a loyal companion, a devoted mother and a good grandmother. The step-grandchildren as well as her own grandchildren all say.

Funeral services were conducted at 10:00 from the Liberty Hill school, Monday with minister Leroy Miller of the Church of Christ officiating. She was lain to rest beside her last husband, Wm. P. Price in the cemetery near by. Stump Funeral home of Grantsville in charge.


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