Notes on Sarah "Sally" Starcher Hamrick and Asa Hamrick

Sarah "Sally" Starcher, sister of Thomas Starcher and thus a great-aunt of Allen B. Starcher, was born about 1830. She married Asa Hamrick January 2, 1851. Sarah and Asa had five children. Asa died after 1870, and Sarah died after 1880.

The 1850 Federal census for Gilmer County WV (later Calhoun County WV) lists her age as 20.

The marriage in Gilmer County of Asa Hamrick to Sarah Starcher on January 2, 1851 is documented on the WV State Archives site AT THIS LINK.

From the Hamrick Page at Don Norman's Family Files:

Joseph W. Hamrick, a son of Benjamin and Nancy (McMillion) Hamrick, was born in Greenbrier County VA in 1793 and died in Calhoun County WV in 1885. Joseph married Frances Cogar in Kanawha County VA in 1823. Frances died in Kanawha County about 1843.

Joseph married Margaret Burrows in Gilmer County VA December 22, 1846. Margaret, a daughter of Archibald and Mary (HOlbert) Burrows, was born in Gilmer County in 1823.

Children of Joseph W. and Frances (Cogar) Hamrick.

115. (1). Eli b.Jul 18 1824 d. 1900
          m.Mary Allen
          m.Sarah Perkins

116. (2). Asa b. 1825
          m.Sarah Starcher Jan 2 1851

117. (3). Lucinda b.c. 1826

118. (4). Mary "Polly" b.c. 1827

119. (5). Thomas b.c. 1830

120. (6). Sarah "Sally" b.Nov 19 1835 d.Oct 20 1891
          m.Samuel W. Jeffreys Aug 4 1858

121. (7). William b. 1837
          m.Sarah F. -------

122. (8). Catherine b. 1841

(Note: Marriage records at Calhoun County GenWeb report the marriage in Calhoun County WV of Catharine Hambrick, age 16, daughter of Joseph and Francis Hambrick, to Peter Booher, age 20, son of Jacob and Nancy Booher, on August 4, 1856. This Peter Booher was a brother of Aseneth Booher Norman, the grandmother of Allen B. Starcher).

Children of Joseph W. and Margaret (Burrows) Hamrick.

123. (1). John b. 1847 d.Jan 15 1865

124. (2). Nancy b. 1848
          m.----- Burk

125. (3). Jane
126. (4). Ruth b. 1851
          m.Samuel Hunt

127. (5). Samilda b. 1853 d.Jan 10 1905
          m.Robert Jones

128. (6). Joseph W. Jr. b.Aug 17 1855
          m.Phoebe Collins May 1 1877

129. (7). Lewis b.Apr 12 1857
          m.Diana Richards

130. (8). Benjamin F. b. 1858

131. (9). Cynthia A. b.c. 1862
          m.James Wilson

132. (10). Charles Wesley b.May 12 1865 d.Mar 19 1930


Asa Hamrick, a son of Joseph W. and Frances (Cogar) Hamrick, was born in Nicholas County VA (WV) in 1825. He married Sarah "Sally" Starcher January 2, 1851. Sarah, a daughter of Adam and Phoebe (Cogar) Starcher, was born about 1830.

Children of Asa and Sarah (Starcher) Hamrick.

510. (1). Henry b.c. 1848 d.Apr 22 1931
          m. Hulda Ross Oct 22 1874
(Note: Marriage records at the Calhoun County GenWeb website document the marriage of Henry Hambrick, age 20, son of Asa and Sarah Hambrick, to Hulda Ross, age 20, daughter of Rese A. and Elizabeth Ross).
Marriage records AT THIS LINK document the marriage on May 30, 1849 of R.A. Ross to Elizabeth Starcher in Gilmer County West Virginia. The Starcher page at Don Norman's family files indicates that Elizabeth Starcher, daughter of Daniel and Nancy Brannon Starcher, married Reese Ross. Jacob Starcher was the great-grandfather of Hulda Ross, and the great-great grandfather of Henry Hamrick. Thus, Henry Hamrick married his second cousin once removed.

511. (2). Adam b.Nov 24 1850 d.Mar 4 1937
          m. Nancy Green May 9 1894 (d/o Robert and Mary J. Green) (Note: Not sure if she was the daughter of Robert and Mary J. Green - see below).

512. (3). Phoebe b.Apr 12 1858

513. (4). Joseph F. b.c. 1861

514. (5). Frances b.c. 1863

This writer has been unable to locate any records regarding Asa Hamrick prior to the 1860 Federal census, other than the information given in Don Norman's pages noted above.

The 1860 Federal census for Lee District, Calhoun County WV includes:
Asa Hamrick, age 31, born in Lewis Co WV
Sarah Hamrick, age 38, born in Kanawha Co WV
Adam Hamrick, male, age 9, born in Gilmer Co WV
Henry Hamrick, age 7, born in Gilmer Co WV
Phebe Hamrick, age 3, born in Calhoun Cou WV

A discrepancy is noted -- Don Norman lists the birth of Sarah "Sally" Starcher as about 1830. She would have been about 30 in 1860, but this census record records the age of Sarah Hamrick as age 38.

Of note, this listing is directly adjacent to the listing for Jacob P. Starcher, brother of Sarah "Sally" Starcher, and Adam Starcher, her father. Jacob P. Starcher was a brother of Thomas Starcher. Jacob P. and Sarah "Sally" would have been a great uncle and great aunt to Allen B. Starcher. An image of the census record form 1860 is reproduced below:

The page "Some Civil War Soldiers of Calhoun County" maintained by Linda Cunningham Fluharty at the Calhoun County WV GenWeb site includes the following listing:
HAMRICK, Asa (Ase), Private, Co. G, 10th Regt. West Virginia Infantry. Special muster roll on 18 Aug. 1862 shows him absent with remarks, "captured by guerrillas 1 July 1862." The next two muster rolls show him absent and listed as captured. January, February, March and April show, "deserted 1 July 1862 at Glenville. Union Co. A, 3rd Virginia State Line (Moccasin Rangers). Enlisted on 1 June 1862 in Calhoun Co., Va. Present on 28 Feb. 1863 roll. Private Co. A, 19th Virginia Cavalry. Born Lewis Co., W.Va. about 1824. Age 31, farmer, Calhoun Co., W.Va. 1860 Census. Enlisted Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., W.Va. 1 Mar. 1863. Not stated if present or absent on muster-in-roll dated March 1863. Clothing issued 19 Feb. 1864, 21 May 1864 and 17 June 1864. Post war rosters show him as a resident of Calhoun Co., W.Va. Age 46, farmer, Lee Township, Calhoun Co., W.Va. 1870 Census. C.S.A.
The 1870 Federal census for Lee District Calhoun County WV includes:
Ase Hamrick, age 46
Sarah Hamrick, age 41
Adam Hamrick, age 18
Henry Hamrick, age 17
Phebe Hamrick, age 12
Joseph F. Hamrick, age 9
Francis Hamrick, age 7 (female)

Of note, the 1870 Federal Census for Sheridan District, Calhoun County WV (northern Calhoun in the Big Springs area) includes a listing for Joseph Hamrick (believed to be the father of Asa Hamrick) and Joseph's second wife Margaret Hamrick:

Joseph Hamric, age 77
Margaret Hamrick, age 47
Joseph Hamrick, age 14
Lewis Hamrick, age 13
Benjamin Hamrick, age 11
Cynthia Hamrick, age 8
Charles Hamrick, age 6
To date, this writer has been unable to locate death records for Asa and Sarah Starcher Hamrick. The birth/death records online at the West Virginia Vital Records Research Project for Calhoun County has no death records available from 1868 to 1890. However, Asa is not listed in the 1880 census for Lee District Calhoun County West Virginia with his family: thus, it is speculated that Asa Hamrick died between 1870 and 1880. Regarding Sarah "Sally" Starcher Hamrick, there is a transcription of a death notice which appeared in the Calhoun Chronicle on 2/26/1895, said transcription available at the Calhoun County WV GenWeb site, Obituary file, maintained by Linda Cunningham Fluharty:
Death. One short, short sentence closes the biography of every man. No sex is spared, no age exempt. The monarchs, men of letters, the warrior, the rich and the poor, may travel through life, each in his own sphere, but will be ultimately gathered to that wondrous house prepared for all living. Death terminates the existence of the boasted man. No wonder the Psalmist David said: "What is man that Thou art mindful of him, or the son of man that Thou visitest him? The sad intelligence of the death of R.J. Yoak, Squire Joseph K. Lynch, Mrs. Wm. Price, Mrs. Sallie Hamrick and Mrs. Arzanna Norman since our last issue are striking mementoes of the uncertainty of life and the absolute certainty that all must die. We call to our assistance, at this trying hour every vestage of finer sensibilities, which but feebly express the profound sorrow we feel for the bereaved.

Aunt Sallie Hamrick, the mention of whose death appears in another column, was a daughter of Adam Starcher, deceased, who was one of the pioneer settlers of this county.

The 1880 Federal census for Lee District, Calhoun County West Virginia lists...
Sarah Hambrick, age 61
Adam Hambrick, age 29
Phebe Hambrick, age 22
Joseph Hambrick, age 19
Francis Hambrick, age 11

This family is listed nearly adjacent to the listing for Adam Starcher, age 78, and Phebe Starcher, age 74

The 1880 Federal census for Sheridan District, Calhoun County WV includes a listing for the family of Joseph Hamrick, the elder now apparantly living with his son Joseph and Joseph's wife Phebe:

Joseph Hamrick, age 25
Pheobe Hamrick, age 24
Cinthy Ann Hamrick, daughter, age 11/12
Joseph Hamrick, father, age 80
Margaret Hamrick, mother, age 59
Lewis Hamrick, brother, age 23

A rather difficult to read marriage record AT THIS LINK appears to document the marriage on May 1, 1877 of Joseph Hambrick, son of Joseph Hambrick, age 21, to Phoebe Collins, age 23, daughter of John and Elizabeth Collins.

Regarding Asa and Sarah's son Adam Hamrick, Don Norman's files indicates that Adam Hamrick, born November 24, 1850, died March 4, 1937, married Nancy Green, daughter of Robert and Mary J. Green, on May 9, 1894. This is in conflict with several genealogies available on the subscription service which indicate that Angeline Nancy Weese Green was the daughter of Isaac Weese and Nancy McElwain Reese.

The McElwain page at Don Norman's family files indicates Angeline "Nancy" Weese, daughter of Isaac Weese and Nancy McElwain Weese, b.c. 1850, married Allen Green.

Adam Hamrick's great-great grandfather was George Thomas McElwain, who was also the great-great grandfather of Angeline Nancy Weese Green (see McElwain Selected Family Tree). Thus, Adam Hamrick and Angeline Nancy Weese Green Hamrick were third cousins.

An image of the marriage certificate of Adam Hamrick and Nancy A. Green is available AT THIS LINK, documenting the marriage on May 8, 1894, of Adam Hamrick, age 42, of Calhoun County, to Nancy A. Green, age 44, of Webster County.

Several documents on indicate a year of death for Angeline Nancy Weese Green Hamrick to be 1907 or so. This writer disagrees with that conclusion. This writer believes that Angeline Nancy Weese married Allen Taylor Green in 1870. They had several children, and Allen died in 1891. Angeline Nancy then married her third cousin Adam Hamrick in 1894. In 1920 and 1930, census records indicate Adam and Angeline Nancy living with Nancy's son (and Adam's step son) Allen Kessler Green in Webster County. Adam Hamrick died in 1937 in Webster County, his death recorded by Mrs Homer Malcomb, Adam's step-daughter.

Census records for Glade District, Webster County West Virginia for 1870 indicate...
Allen T. Green, age 19, farmer
Nancy A. Green, age 18, keeping house
Census records for 1880 indicate...
Alen Green, age 31
Nancy E. Green, wife, age 30
Martha Green, daughter, age 10
George S. Green, son, age 7
Francis Green, daughter, age 3
Elijah D. Green, son, age 1
Isaac Green, son, age 1

Note: A marriage record AT THIS LINK documents the marriage on November 18,1893 of Francis H. Malcomb, age 20, of Webster County to Francena C. Green, age 16, of Webster County, information given by F.W. Malcomb and N.A. Green, marriage performed at the residence of Angeline Green.
Census records for Glade District, Webster County West Virginia for 1900 indicate...
Nancy Hamrick, head, age 49
Adam Hamrick, husband, age 49
Elijah Green, son, age 21
Isaac Green, son, age 21
Henry F. Green, son, age 18
Flora B. Green, daughter, age 15
Mintie E. Green, daughter, age 12
Allen K. Green, son, age 8
Homer F. Malcomb, head, age 25, born 1874
Francina Malcomb, wife, age 22, born 1877
Francis A. Malcomb, son, age 5, born 1895
Nancy N. Malcomb, daughter, age 3, born 1988
Census records for Glade District, Webster County West Virginia, 1920 show Adam Hamrick living in the home of his step-son Allen K. Green along with mother/wife Nancy A. Hamrick:
Allen K Green 26
Mintie C Green 29
Vesta Gray Green 3 6/12
Floda Gay Green 2 10/12
Virgie F Green 1 11/12
Adam Hannick 67, step-father
Nancy A Hannick 69, mother
The 1930 Census records for Glade District, Webster County West Virginia, show Adam living in the same household:
Kessler Green 38
Mintie C Green 33
Vesta G Green 14
Flota G Green 13
Virgil F Green 12
Estel D Green 10
Bessell A Green 8
Harry A Green 7
Mary C Green 5
Lela A Green 3
Murrel G Green 1
Adam Hamrick, 77, step-father
Angeline N Hamrick 80, mother
The death of Adam Hamrick, son of Asa and Sarah Hamrick, on March 4, 1937 is recorded AT THIS LINK. He died in Cowen, Webster County West Virginia. The informant on the death certificate is noted to be Mrs. Homer Malcomb. This Mrs. Homer Malcomb is believed to be the step-daughter of Adam Hamrick.

Regarding Henry Hamrick, as noted above, Henry was born about 1848. He married Hulda Ross October 22, 1874.

The 1880 Federal census for Smithfield District, Roane County West Virginia (southeastern Roane County in the area of Clover, Tariff, Linden) includes a listing for Henry Hamrick, the son of Asa and Sarah:
Henry Hamrick, age 25
Hulda C. Hamrick, age 25
Victoria A. Hamrick, age 4
Emery Hamrick, age 2
Emily Hamrick, age 4/12
The 1910 Census for Washington District, Calhoun County West Virginia (southern Calhoun County, Orma, Minorra, Chloe and environs) includes...
Henry Hamrick, head, age 59
Hulda Hamrick, wife, age 59
Emory Hamrick, son, age 28
Emily Hamrick, daughter, age 26
William Hamrick, son, age 23
Acy Hamrick, son, age 21
Artie Hamrick, daughter, age 19
Christie Hamrick, daughter, age 17
Alva Hamrick, son, age 12
Most of the information on the Henry Hamrick family which appears on the Selected Family Tree of Asa and Sarah "Sally" Starcher Hamrick is taken from the subscription service, where an extensive family listing is posted. A few other notes are as follows: A death certificate AT THIS LINK documents the death of Henry Hamrick of Tariff, Roane County, West Virginia on April 22, 1931, son of Asa Hamrick, a widower, born January 10, 1848, death reported by A.E. Hamrick of Blue Creek WV.

Regarding Phebe Hamrick, marriage records AT THIS LINK document the marriage on January 13, 1884 of Phebe Hamrick, age 26, daughter of Asa Hamrick, to Thomas W. Barnhouse, age 26, son of Thomas H. Barnhouse, in Calhoun County West Virginia.

Regarding this Barnhouse family, there is a notable entry on the Barnhouse page at Don Norman's Family files, which is reproduced as follows. Of note there are several links to this family and other Starcher family members.

Thomas W. Barnhouse, a son of Philip and Keziah Barnhouse, was born in VA about 1803 and died in Calhoun County VA (WV) in October 1860. Deweese states, "Old Thomas Bornhouse... ...first wife was Mary McCune, a daughter of Peter MCCune Sr."

Thomas married Mary (McCune) Bush in Lewis County VA August 7, 1823. Hardesty's History of Calhoun County WV says: "The first wedding was a double one, two taking place at the same time and place, the high contracting parties being Thomas Barnhouse and Mary Bush and Thomas Cottrell and Mary Parsons. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. William Hacker." (Calhoun County was a part of Lewis County at that time.)

Mary, a daughter of Peter Sr. and Christina (O'Brien) McCune, was born in VA about 1785 and died before 1834. She married George Bush in Harrison County VA (WV) December 27, 1804.

Deweese also states, "This Mary McCune was the mother of Sam McCune, called Sam the Varmet, who was shot and killed in his yard by his uncle Timothy McCune... the commencement of the late Civil War."

Thomas married Drusilla Burnside. Drusilla was born in VA about 1817.

Children of Mary McCune.

23. (1). Sam
        m.Sabra McCune Sep 6 1860

24. (1). Rachel b.c. 1818
        m.Lewis Owens

Children of Thomas and Mary (McCune) [Bush] Barnhouse.

25. (1). Willis O. b.May 2 1821 d.Apr 2 1909
        m.Twila Cutright
        m.Julia Goff Haverty
        m.Nancy Adeline Kerns

26. (2). Kiziah b.c. 1825
        m.Lorenzo Dow Brannon Jun 23 1841

27. (3). Mary P. b.c. 1826
        m.James McCune

28. (4). Christina b.c. 1827
        m.Stephen B. Hicks Apr 21 1848

29. (5). James

30. (6). Nancy b.c. 1830

31. (7). ?

Children of Thomas W. and Drusilla (Burnside) Barnhouse.

32. (1). Frederick b.c. 1836 d.May 9 1864
        m.Mary (Casto) Snow Dec 4 1858

33. (2). Nancy b.May 7 1838 d.Dec 20 1910
        m.Jacob McElwain Jun 22 1860

Note: Jacob McElwain was the brother of Elizabeth McElwain who married Henry Starcher, the brother of Adam Starcher. Thus, Jacob was the brother of Phebe Hamrick's great-aunt Elizabeth McElwain Starcher, and also her brother-in-law by virtue of the fact that Nancy Burnside and Thomas Burnside were siblings.

34. (3). John b.c. 1841 d.Jun 24 1862
        m.Zilpha Alderman Nov 28 1860

35. (4). Caroline b.Oct 23 1843 d.Dec 24 1928
        m. William B. Starcher Feb 16 1859

Note: William B. Starcher was the son of Daniel Starcher. Daniel Starcher was a brother of Philip Starcher.

36. (5). Rosanna b.c. 1846
        m.Milton Laughlin Jan 25 1867

37. (6). Henry b.Jun 26 1852 d.Jul 8 1927
        m.Barbara Greathouse Oct 31 1869
        m.Clara Ashley Jul 16 1893

38. (7). George b.Sep 12 1856 d.
        m.Adiline Helms Sep 30 1877

39. (8). Thomas Walter b.Nov 21 1857
        m.Phoebe Hamrick Jan 12 1884
        m.Sarah Cooper Dec 31 1897

This writer is unable to find any information concerning Phebe Hamrick Barnhouse other than that noted above. No record has been found to indicate whether Phebe died before 1897, or if Phebe and Thomas Barnhouse were divorced. One record of a daughter of Phebe and Thomas Barnhouse has been found, namely the death record of Maud Montgomery, born August 28, 1891, daughter of Tom Barnhouse and Phoebe Hamrick, died January 15, 1930, age 38, wife of Lewis Montgomery, cause of death given as cardiac decomposition, pregnancy malnutrition, peritonitis.

Regarding Joseph Hamrick, son of Asa and Sarah Hamrick, this writer has been unable to document any definite information.
Regarding Frances Hamrick, a marraige record AT THIS LINK records the marriage on April 14, 1893 in Calhoun County of Frances Hamrick, age 24, daughter of Acy and Sarah Hamrick, to Jacob Nitz, age 19, son of William and Mariah Nitz.

The Nitz Page at Don Norman's family files includes the following listing for Jacob Nitz:

Jacob Hezekiah Nitz, a son of William Fredrick and Maria S. (Boggs) Nitz, was born June 16, 1874 and died November 25, 1950. He married Frances Hamrick April 14, 1893. Frances, a daughter of Acy and Sarah (Hamrick), was born June 20, 1871 and died April 5, 1904.

Jacob married Elizabeth Mae Lane July 16, 1905. Elizabeth, a daughter of Henry and Sarah (Buckley) Lane, was born in Mason County WV May 1, 1878 and died April 9, 1968.

Children of Jacob and Frances (Hamrick) Nitz.

29. (1). Adam b.Dec 20 1893 d.Apr 3 1894

30. (2). Allie b.Dec 20 1893 d.May 3 1913

31. (3). Fred b.Jul 20 1895 d.Mar 20 1966

32. (4). Jerry Preston b.Dec 20 1897 d.Dec 6 1983

33. (5). Rachel b.Feb 20 1900 d.Aug 8 1900

Children of Jacob and Elizabeth Mae (Lane) Nitz.

34. (1). Ernest b.Mar 30 1908 d.Oct 23 1970

35. (2). Elsworth b.Mar 3 1912 d.May 25 1914

36. (3). Russell b.Feb 17 1914 d.Aug 14 1987

37. (4). Eliza b.May 14 1916 d.Jan 3 1982
        m.------ Cunningham

38. (5). Etta Louise b.Sep 22 1918
        m.------ Hall

Note: Absent from this Nitz listing is mention of Dee Nitz (Joseph Dee Nitz), father of Greely Nitz, father-in-law of Opal Evalena Starcher.

Of note, this Jacob Nitz was a brother of Andrew Judd Nitz (1883-1963). Andrew Judd Nitz was the father of Leah Justine Nitz, born December 14, 1925. Leah Justine Nitz was the first wife of Denver Starcher, and the mother of Loretta Starcher Hinkle.

The 1900 Federal census for Smithfield district, Roane County West Virginia (area of Clover, Otto, Linden, and Tariff) includes...
Jacob Nitz, head, age 25
Frances Nitz, wife, age 30
Allie Nitz, daughter, age 6
Frederick Nitz, son, age 4
Jerry Nitz, son, age 2
Rachael Nitz, daughter, age 3/12
From the above information, a selected family tree of Asa and Sarah "Sally" Starcher Hamrick is offered AT THIS LINK.

Of interest to history buffs, Asa Hamrick was the first cousin once removed of Eli "Rimfire" Hamrick (1868-1945). (Asa's grandfather Benjamin Hamrick was Rimfire's great-grandfather). A Google search of the term "Rimfire Hamrick" will return the reader several articles on this colorful figure in West Virginia history. Reportedly, he posed as a model for a bronze statue of "West Virginia's Typical Mountaineer" which reporedly stands (or stood) on the Capitol Grounds in Charleston.

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