Early Settlers of Calhoun County West Virginia

Hardesty's History of Calhoun County West Virginia, in regard to Lee District, notes...
The first cabin was erected by a man of the name of West, who came from Ohio to this vicinity about the year 1807. He was a squatter and did not remain long. The first actual settler was Phillip Starcher, who built his cabin where Arnoldsburg now stands in the year 1810. Soon after his settlement he was joined by Peter Cogar, Isaac Mace, William Brannan, Peter McCune and Adam O'Brien, all of whom found homes along the West Fork.
Here follows is a table which highlights some of the relationships of these early Calhoun County families.

Philip Starcher
b. 1779, Hampshire Co VA

Married Mary Bush , daughter of George Bush, in 1801.

Married Rebecca Mace, b.c. 1779, Isaac Mace's daughter in 1805.

Son Adam, b. 1802, married Phoebe Cogar 1828, Peter Cogar's daughter, Tunis McElwain's niece

Son Henry, b 1807, married Elizabeth McElwain 1829, Tunis McElwain's daughter

Son William Thomas "Bluehead" Starcher
married Nancy McElwain 1840, Tunis McElwains daughter

John Peter Cogar
b. 1753, Rockingham Co VA

Revolutionary War Service
"Acquainted with Tunis McElwain from the days of their youth"

Peter married Mary "Polly" McElwain, sister of Tunis McElwain, in Rockingham County VA September 3, 1781.

Daughter Sarah married Henry Mace, son of Isaac Mace, in 1820.

Daughter Phoebe, b. 1812, married Adam Starcher 1828, Philip Starcher's son

Living with son-in-law Adam Starcher in 1833.

Son Daniel Cogar, b. 1810, married Hannah Starcher 1841, Philip Starcher's niece

Isaac Mace
b. 1755, Augusta Co VA

Revolutionary War Service
"...has been acquainted with Peter Coger from his youth."

Daughter Rebecca, b.c. 1789, m. Philip Starcher in 1805.

Son Henry, b.c. 1784, m. Mary Davis, then Sarah Cogar in 1820, daughter of John Peter Cogar

granddaughter Rebecca married Daniel McCune, son of Peter McCune. Peter McCune was part of a group which murdered Jonathan Nichols in 1843. Daniel was convicted, and died in prison in Richmond VA about 1850. After Daniel's death, Rebecca married Jacob McElwain, Tunis McElwain's son.

grandson Solomon, b. 1801, married Dorotha McElwain 1825, Tunis McElwain's daughter.

William Brannan
born Maryland 1765

"...he lived at Georgetown on the Potomac River in the District of Columbia and emigrated to the then far West in about 1804, came to where Arnoldsburg now is, stopped with Peter McCune Sr., he being a tailor by trade and an inexperienced woodsman, consequently could not wield an ax with any degree of certainty, Peter McCune Sr.,... Samaritan like, gave up his log cabin and little improvements to William Brannon Sr."

Daughter Nancy married Daniel Starcher, brother of Philip Starcher, in 1818.

Peter McCune
b. 1748 Ireland.

Revolutionary War service.

Moved the the West Fork of the LK river 1815.

Son Peter Jr married Margaret Bush in 1815. Margaret was the sister of Mary Bush, Philip Starcher's first wife.

Son Daniel b.c. 1800 married Rebecca Nichols, granddaughter of Isaac Mace

Daughter Nancy McCune b. 1817, married Jacob Booher 1833

Tunis McElwain
b. 1773 or 1760

Revolutionary War Service
"Acquainted with Peter Cogar from the days of their youth"

Moved to the West Fork near Arnoldsburg WV in 1830.

Sister Mary "Polly" McElwain married Peter Cogar in 1781.

Niece Phoebe Cogar, daughter of Peter Cogar, married Adam Starcher, son of Philip Starcher in 1828.

Daughter Elizabeth McElwain married Henry Starcher, son of Philip Starcher, in 1829

Daughter Nancy McElwain married William Thomas "Bluehead" Starcher, son of Philip Starcher, in 1840.

granddaughter Nancy Nicholas married Josiah Payne Starcher (son of Daniel Starcher and Nancy Brannon Starcher), nephew of Philip Starcher, in 1854

Grandson Isaac Nichols married Sarah Jane Starcher, daughter of William Brannon "Billy" Starcher, son of Henry Starcher, nephew of Philip Starcher, in 1861.

Jacob Booher
b. 1812

Married Nancy McCune, daughter of Peter McCune, 1833.

Daughter Aseneth, the mother of Thomas Jackson Starcher, great-great grandson of Philip Starcher.

Daughter Margaret b. 1848, married Isaac Starcher, grandson of Philip Starcher, 1866.

Son John J. Booher, b. 1855, married Sarah Starcher, granddaughter of Philip Starcher.

George Adam Bush, Jr
b. 1754 Pendleton Co VA

Revolutionary War Service

Daughter Mary married Philip Starcher 1801.

Moved to present day Gilmer County WV in 1811, where they built their cabin at the confluence of Cedar Creek and the Little Kanawha River.

Daughter Margaret married Peter McCune Jr 1815.


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