Family of Allen B. and Icie Mae Duvall Starcher

Allen Brown Starcher and Icie Mae Duvall Starcher were lifelong residents of Calhoun County West Virginia. They raised a large family on their farm on Daniel's Run.

Allen was born July 22, 1885, died January 28, 1970.
Icie was born September 7, 1888, died April 21, 1950.

These pages are a collection of documents regarding the family history of this line of the Starchers. It is a work in progress, and can serve as a repository to keep family history in one place, accessible to family members.

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Allen Brown and Icie Mae Starcher
Selected Family Tree of Jacob and Barbary Starcher to Allen B. and Icie Starcher and beyond
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Table of Grandparents relative to the grandchildren of Allen B. and Icie Starcher
This tree lists grandparents.

Photo Gallery - Allen Brown and Icie Mae Starcher

Notes on Allen Brown Starcher

Notes on Icie Mae Duvall Starcher

Selected Photos -- Allen Brown and Icie Mae Starcher

Reunion Video, August 26, 1989

Victor Starcher Video

Notes on Adam Starcher

Notes on Aldine Starcher

Notes on Aseneth Booher Norman

Notes on Ruth Ice Everson, Bertie Everson Duvall Price and William Galloway "Indian Billy" Ice

Notes on Beulah C. Starcher Burden

Notes on Carl C. Starcher

Notes on Charley W. Starcher

Notes on Clara Elizabeth Norman

Notes on Daniel Starcher

Notes on Delma Justine Starcher

Notes on Denver R. Starcher

Notes on Elizabeth Starcher and George Gibson

Notes on Estella Starcher

Notes on Fred A. Starcher

Notes on Hannibal Maffet

Notes on Jacob Starcher

Notes on Leona Starcher Anderson

McElwain - Selected Family Tree

Notes on Melvin H. Starcher

Note on Minnie Starcher

Notes on Nina Mae Starcher

Notes on Opal Starcher

Notes on Pauline Starcher

Notes on Philip Starcher

Notes on Ray D. Starcher

Notes on Roy F. Starcher

Notes on Ruth Ice Everson, Bertie Everson Duvall Price and William Galloway "Indian Billy" Ice

Notes on Sarah "Sally" Starcher Hamrick and Asa Hamrick

Notes on Thomas Starcher

Notes on Thomas Jackson Starcher

Notes on Vere Starcher

Notes on Victor Starcher

Notes on Viola Gay Starcher

Note on Vitalis and Viannis Starcher

Notes on William Brannon "Billy" Starcher

Notes on William O. Norman

Notes on William Thomas "Bluehead" Starcher

Notes on William Zinn Norman

Map of Calhoun County West Virginia, circa 1933 (large file, 1 meg, long download)

West Virginia Census Maps - 1790 to 1890

Early Settlers of Calhoun County West Virginia

Reprint from The Calhoun Chronicle: "McCune and Cogar, Two Revolutionary War Soldiers, Settled In Calhoun"

Reprint from The Calhoun Chronicle: Excerpts from "Recollections of a Lifetime," by Col D.S. Dewees

Reprint from The Calhoun Chronicle: Altizer is remembered by older residents

Reprint from The Calhoun Chronicle: Stoney Point Church Started In Log Building

Starcher Family Website maintained by Cecil F. (Jerry) Starcher

Calhoun's Famous Civil War Homestead: Starcher - Gibson House (link to the HurHerald)

Daniels Run News

Don Norman's Family Files: Descendants of Jacob Starcher

Family of Thomas Jackson Starcher

circa 1910 - 1913

Front L to R: Roy F. Starcher, 1899-1964; Thomas Jackson Starcher, 1860-1913; Viola Gay Starcher Johnson Nutter Cogar, 1905-2001; Mary E. Smith Starcher, 1863-1941

Back L to R: Estella F. Starcher Hopkins Craig, 1881-1962; Charley Winslow (Window?) Starcher, 1882-1942; Allen Brown Starcher, 1885-1970; Fred A. Starcher, 1889-1973; Carl C. Starcher, 1891-1959; Leona M. Starcher Anderson, 1896-1926;

Documentation for this photo AT THIS LINK

Timothy C. Miller, M.D.
Grandson of Allen B. and Icie Mae Duvall Starcher
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